Douchebags on the Left

The good lord is not on your side you pompous ass. Have you forgotten the images of dead and bloated bodies floating in the streets? I’m awaiting the sincere public apology. It’s disgusting. Not to be outdone by Michael Moore. Please don’t give me any sanctimonious bullshit about Dems being caring. Not. Today.


Only this time we’ve lost a mother and a wife in an automobile accident. My daughter is afraid. The kids start school Wednesday, 22 children with only 21 mothers.

Sarah Palin Is Just Like Me: Only More Employed

This morning I got an email from Mar Vista Mom asking me what I thought about Sarah Palin. Is this a good thing? The reason she’s asking me isn’t because I’m such an awesome and insightful political pundit. It’s because, here in Los Angeles I’m the only Republican she knows. Yeah, it’s not fun talking politics in LA. Much like my finely honed gaydar (yes I can sniff out a good dancer at 100 yards), I do have a feeling that there’s one other LA Mom who votes like I do, …

School. Must. Start. Soon.

Enough with this family time. We’ve had two weeks of no school, no camp, no alarm clocks and no schedule whatsoever. Jane, Alexander, I love you, but it’s time for you to go to school. It’s not what you’d expect either. I’m not feeling suffocated. I’m not craving adult company. The house isn’t a mess and I don’t care that I can’t listen to Howard 100 when you’re in the car. I adore your company. Kids, when you’re home I get fat. This is unacceptable. You see, kids, Mommy pretends …