Overheard: At The Dinner Table

Alexander: [wistfully] I wish I had two hamsters so that if I lost one then I’d still have one.

Jane: [pompously and with much eye rolling] Then you’d just have two dead hamsters and Mom would have to buy more.

Husband: Someone should write this all down.

Me: I do.

Husband: But you aren’t blogging at _________ any more.

Me: No, I’m at Jessica Gottlieb dot com.

Husband: You can’t do that!

Oh yes I can.

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  1. So is the hamster dead?

    when my friend Becky was little, her brother lost his hamster–six months later it turned up living happily under the refrigerator–only coming out at night–

  2. The hamster ate the food I left out for it last night.


    We did have a hamster many years ago that we lost for several months, captured and then took for a “walk” on the front lawn…

  3. oh my god. mine flips the fuck out too about blogging. especially the time i told everyone about how sent me to jail (last summer. check it out. sooo not OZ)

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