Overheard: Booking the Allergist


Husband needs an allergist

I ask The Mommies. They provide me with a list of Los Angeles Allergists to try (and a few to avoid).

I call the one who is part of our PPO.

ME: Hi, I need to make an appointment for my husband. He’s sniffling… blah blah blah… How long? Oh, we’ve been married 11 years, so, uh, more than 11 years.

RECEPTIONIST: Would he like to come in on ______ at _____

ME: No, we wouldn’t like that appointment, I’d like you to have to work a little harder to squeeze him in, you see we’re very difficult important.

RECEPTIONIST: Oh, how about ______. And who referred you to our office?

ME: Mar Vista Mom, you can blame thank her. That appointment will be fine, I’m now satisfied that at least one person has been rescheduled.

RECEPTIONIST: [still cheerful] It sounds like your husband might need shots each week because of blah blah blah will that be a problem?

ME: Nah, that’s awesome, we’re Jewish.

RECEPTIONIST: *crickets*

ME: I mean everyone’s a doctor, actually, there’s a lawyer too, but he won’t sue you. I mean, I’ll just give him the shots myself. Or maybe my stepmother the dentist can do it…

RECEPTIONIST: Typically people come in every week for their shots.

ME: *crickets*  Uh, yeah, that’s not real likely. Like I said, Jewish.

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  1. Fat Guy says:

    It’s tagged humor and yet it’s not funny. Mommy blogging wastes the internet.

  2. byjane says:

    Poor Fat Guy…the adipose tissue has squeezed out his funny bone.

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