Vagina: It’s Not Keyword Spam Anymore


Yes, I’m working on a deal with a very interesting company. They’ve got a vaginal lubricant developed by an OBGYN with the help of oncologists. It helps with small tears down there and burns that radiation therapies may leave behind.

It’s kinda weird talking vagina all day. Oddly liberating too, most remarkably women are telling me the most intimate of all secrets.

A word to the wise? Don’t. Just stop now, because it’s unlikely that I’ll make eye contact with your (very dirty) husband ever again.

I promise a reveal in a few short days.

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3 responses to “Vagina: It’s Not Keyword Spam Anymore”

  1. Do they do gift baskets?

  2. SoreThumb says:

    I am all kinds of curious and intrigued. And scared. :o

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