Conflicted/Lukewarm: Biting the Wii Hand That Fed Me

I went to a Wii Fit party today at Bliss. I love Bliss and the oxygen facial was ridiculous and amazing at the same time, I owe y’all a post.

I liked the Wii Fit, heck, I like video games, who doesn’t?

I also like Twinkies, Cinabons, fried chicken and Smoked Gouda; but those aren’t staples in my house. The kids want a Wii, my husband wants a Play Station with a blu ray and I want to live on a mountain top where kids run in fields rather than in place.

I like it, I get it, I mean I understand the appeal in big meaningful ways. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or the lesser of two evils, neither of which is a necessity.

Yes, Nintendo throws a good party, and witness me biting the hand that fed me.

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  1. Q and I have the Wii. We played with it a bunch after we first got it, now not so much. But it was very useful when I had the two boys stay with us – it gave them something to do so they were never bored at my house and I think it’s better than just sitting around watching TV. My niece asked us to bring it when we visit in Texas – she’s 10 and also loves it – plus the Wii has games that even grandma can play. I also have an editor friend that lost 23 pounds so far by using the Wii fit. I’m a fan, but I wish the wii had more multi-player games.

  2. I was anti-video games, but I think we’ve found a happy compromise with our Wii system. I limit the time my kids can use it — 20 minutes a day and they have to choose between TV or Wii. And, I personally really love Wii Fit.

    I’d love it more if I could actually make it to the spinning classes I have on my weekly calendar or on the hikes I plan to go on after school drop off with a fellow preschool mom, but for now, I can’t seem to make time for those so Wii Fit works for me, for now.

  3. I’ve been a lifelong Nintendo supporter, but I have to admit that my Wii makes me feel a little guilty. Finally, Nintendo’s back on top and I’m sitting at home whining, “Does EVERY game have to have a motion function?!?” Every once in awhile, I like to be reminded that I play video games because I’m lazy.

  4. biting that hand is surely not as enjoyable as say…

    a twinkie.

    i was the last mom to break down on the video game issue. that was way pre-wii. yes, the kids were slugs for awhile but as far as i can tell they can read, they are not overweight and to my knowledge have not partaken in any grand theft activity.

  5. We have a wii, not the wii fit part. It reinvented family game night for us. And my 85 yr old dad can bowl again. The real bowling balls are too heavy for him to throw, so he gave up is 60+ year love of bowling until we got the wii. They were here for thanksgiving and had tons of fun playing. I like that it is not just sitting on the couch pushing buttons, it requires physical interaction. We are all very competitive which makes for very fun boxing matches! It is fun for every age. I think the wii creators are geniuses. They invented a way to get kids off the couch and having fun at the same time. I admit it’s not the same as when I was a kid riding my bike outside, playing baseball in the vacant lot across the street or exploring the forest surrounding our property. But if used properly, it could bring family game night back into homes.
    My daughter is 17, so we grab some snacks and have a family game night. I am a fan of the wii. But only when used together as a family. I like the fact that it gets kids off their butts to play games. I’m tired, and it’s late, so I apologize for any grammar errors, odd rambling sentences that make no sense, etc. I just wanted to say our family likes the wii. But we only use it as a fun alternative to paying for overpriced snacks at the movie theater, or real bowling( I hate bowling alleys they always smell like sweat and beer)

  6. I already think about this stuff and my son isn’t even two. I had a nintendo as a kid (the original one) and we played it, but not a insane amount.

    That said, I was allowed to watch as much TV as I wanted and drink a coke wtih dinner every night so maybe not the best role models for parenting.

    I think most things work out okay in moderation. If you do buy one, I would recommend setting some types of limits on day one (if you belive in them, unlike my wild parents).


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