Jane & Alexander: Disguising Your Children Online

First off, I’d like to welcome all the SITS girls. If you don’t know what SITS is, you should, go read about them over there. They’re cute and they’re saucy and they understand the import of women joining together.

I digress.

When I run into girlfriends about town then say to me, “I read your blog, who is Alexander?” “My son.” I say. They stare at me blankly, puzzled.

Despite the fact that this blog is just a few months old, I am not new to the realm of Mommy Blogging. There are many reasons to disguise your children, and they vary with age.

Infancy: New mothers are paranoid. My baby will be broken/stolen/misplaced/mishandled. New mothers don’t blog much anyhow because new mothers are exhausted. New¬† mothers who blog (including Binary Blonde) are totally intimidating to me, I think they might be Stepford Wives and I’m terribly jealous.

Toddlerhood: I’m at the park. A lot. I’m thinking that an adult conversation wouldn’t kill me, but I forget to use my big girl voice. There’s a fenced in area, but the standard creepy guy is nearby. Stranger danger doesn’t mean a thing to a 3 year old, so not posting the kids’ names near the pictures just makes sense. It’s not paranoid if the voices in your head speak Latin too.

School Aged: My eldest is 10 and in a few short years she’ll be looking for a job. I’m hopeful that whomever would hire her would do a quick google search and see if she’s on Facebook, Myspace or has any accolades or problems online. I also know that anyone doing a job search would find my blog and her name. Is it fair for me to make my children’s first impressions for them?

My reason for being to to raise kind, smart and independent children. I can’t do that by telling the world their life story before they have a chance to do it themselves. Moving forward to the teenage years I recommend disguising your children at least a little, because they’re going to hate you, and giving them a reason to would be a pity.

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