Would You Rather?


Hear about my mother’s latest dog psychic (not to be confused with her first few), the time I tattooed Jane or Stella’s beachfront property in the Rocky Mountains?

In order to appreciate any of these stories fully, you should be open to the use of recreational narcotics. (and I say that without judgement)

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0 responses to “Would You Rather?”

  1. I am open and my vote is for the dog psychic.

  2. Miki says:

    I want to hear about them all…but if I have to choose, I want to hear about tatooing Jane.

  3. Miche says:

    Jess, how’d ya know that I’m in Amsterdam and totally up to hearing about ALL these stories? Just promise to pardon me for in this moment I almost believe that I’m a dog psychic. (Mushroom ban hasn’t been enforced yet…)

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