We have a little problem. My fellow LA Mom Blogger April has referred to Ann Coulter as a “Skinny Bitch“.  April was completely unaware of her gaffe. It is my life’s dream (as an LA Housewife) to be called a Skinny Bitch. So can we not waste the term on someone so irrelevant?

Here’s a snippet of the offending interview on Hannity and Colmes:

COLMES: Now, you talk about “Single motherhood is like a farm team for future criminals and…”


COLMES: “… social outcasts.”


COLMES: So you’re putting down single mothers. “We have a term for youngsters involved in children of divorces, or as I call them, future strippers.” How sensitive of you.

COULTER: Yes, it’s very sensitive. Well, and it’s something that needs to be said. What I’m saying is there is no better example of victimizers who are treated like victims, and single mothers. This was not an accident that the illegitimacy rate has gone up 300 percent since 1970. This was a plan by liberals. Liberals claim…

COLMES: Wait, wait. Liberals want the rates to go up?

COULTER: They hate marriage. Yes.

COLMES: Liberals hate marriage. Wait a minute. Let me just take my ring off, OK?

COULTER: Yes. Well, there are laws. There are court rulings, and marriage has been under attack for 30 years. This is a plan. I have quotes in the book from liberals in the mainstream media. Movies promoting illegitimacy.


COULTER: You have the Supreme Court saying…

COLMES: Ann, you said…

COULTER: … that — that a good-for-nothing biological father can bust up an adoption. And by the way, adopted children, curiously enough, do better than non-adopted children. But they’re not given up for adoption.

COLMES: If you loved marriage, you’d be married by now, wouldn’t you?

COULTER: What we know is that children, no, you get married before having children is the point.

COLMES: Oh, you only get married to reproduce.

COULTER: Seventy percent of the inmates in prisons right now come from single-parent families. Seventy percent of teenage runaways. Seventy percent of teenage delinquents, 70 percent of drug abuse. All of this is a problem, not just of illegitimacy, of single motherhood. And single motherhood is…

COLMES: You’re making a statement. I have a very short time.

COULTER: I’m describing what the challenge (ph) is…

COLMES: You go after single motherhood, and then you go after Barack Obama and Halle Berry and Alicia Keys and what you call “matinee idol Barack Obama”…

COULTER: Matinee idol.

COLMES: … for dissing their fathers and having their mothers raise them.

COULTER: No, dissing their mothers who raised them while…

COLMES: Well, insulting the women who struggled to raise them.


COLMES: When you insult single mothers by saying they’re strippers and…

COULTER: I don’t insult single mothers.

COLMES: … they’re — it’s a recipe to create criminals. You’re insulting them.

COULTER: It is a recipe — no, it is a recipe to create criminals, strippers, rapists, murderers…

COLMES: So you’re insulting them.

COULTER: No, I am insulting single motherhood, which is avidly promoted by the left.

COLMES: So that’s what you are accusing Barack of doing.

COULTER: No, those are different chapters and completely different points. You are conflating two things that have nothing to do with each other.

The point is, in — on the Alicia Keys and Barack Obama, it is that all of these children of a black father who abandoned them and a white mother who raised them, they all identify with the ethnicity of their black fathers to establish victimhood and status in America.

COLMES: Are you accusing them of insulting…

COULTER: Because that is how you get ahead in America, by being a victim.

COLMES: And you accuse them of insulting the women who struggled to raise them. Yet, you have insulted them by calling them strippers.

COULTER: No, I didn’t call the mothers strippers.

HANNITY: Oh, my goodness.

COULTER: I said that this is a recipe for creating…

COLMES: Oh, their kids are strippers. OK.

COULTER: Yes. They will be, and that is a fact. You liberals pretend you care about facts.

My husband and I come from single parent households. My husband and I are committed to marriage if only for the sake of marriage. My husband and I both recognize and acknowledge that life is a little more difficult when you don’t have two parents in one home.

But I’m not a stripper.
And he’s not a criminal.
I’m not even a liberal (although he is).

I do have to take this time to separate myself from Ann Coulter. Why? Because I worry that the world sees her as representative of Conservative Women everywhere.

Let me get real clear.
It is ideal to get married before you have children.
It is ideal to stay happily married.
It is ideal to permit everyone the chance to wed.
It is ideal to hit mute when you see this on TV.


Because listening to venom and vitriol is just silly.

Real life often falls short of our ideals and if you’ve ever met a single mother, I assure you, she works harder than anyone could ever imagine.

Miss Coulter loves statistics because they seem so serve her so well. In reality, statistics are easily skewed to support her purpose. Single parenthood isn’t the root of the problem, it may or may not even be a symptom. The issue is education. When I travel outside of my zone and hear people quoting her and some of the other uglies on TV, I’m terrified for us all.

Ann Coulter is not a conservative voice.
Ann Coulter is simply an angry voice, a single lonely woman who would talk only to her 53 cats if everyone hit mute.

Do little girls make better choices in men when they have good fathers? Absolutely.
Are little girls condemned to a life of stripping if they don’t have a father in the picture?
According to Ann Coulter, yes. That single statement ought to strip her of credibility, and render her voice noise in a vacuum. Our votes may overlap here and there, but please, that woman isn’t representative of much

What, then made Miss Coulter? Was it a mother who hated her? Perhaps the girls in High School shunned her? No Granny for Annie?

What’s the psychology of a woman who hates other women? What perfect storm of intellect, lonliness and hatred created a self loathing mysoginist with ovaries?

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