4 thoughts on “See Me On The CBS Evening News”

  1. Hey there! That is so awesome! I wish I could have been there with ya! I had a great time on the cruise, in fact, I’ve been home an hour and I’m already checking email and enjoying a cup of tea before bed.
    You’ll have to fill me in on how fun the inauguration party was! The beginning of our very first cruise, I lost my husband’s wedding ring. We left Miami believing it was lost in the hotel room never to be found. It made me physically ill to be such a moron. He was great about it and purchased a “replacement” on board the cruise ship the same day. Not a great way to start off the vacation!
    Great job on the news piece! I think my brain is still a bit jumbled from the flight. We had turbulence most of the way from Houston to Sacramento which really sucked. I hate flying to begin with, add lots of scary looks from the flight crew and them recommending no hot beverages was not comforting. I was glad when we landed. At least next month’s trip to Washington is driving.

    I had the most amazing chilled mango soup, chilled strawberry soup! I’ll be sharing them. Come hot summer days, both those soups are going to be family favorites. They were amazing, and I have the recipes!!!!!!!!


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