A Gay Day


I woke up (before dawn – thank you sleepover boys) to an email that wrapped up with:

I’m pretty sure you hung the moon.

Who ever would tell me that? I love my husband. There is no but, I have wonderful girlfriends, and we support each other, and challenge one another to be better, stronger, kinder and smarter.

I’m fresh outta gays. I’ve got a few safe men who wear ballgowns and a facebook friend who is a self described Bear. No, I can’t help you figure the term out, I’m too old, and too suburban. Try Wikipedia.

To all the ladies out there, go hug a gay today, because a day without your safe boyfriend isn’t jolly and gay. He just might make you feel like a Queen.

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4 responses to “A Gay Day”

  1. I miss my boys so much. They’ve scattered to the winds over the years, leaving me behind. A day without a gay is a very sad day, indeed.

  2. annie says:

    Happily married male co-workers aren’t too shabby either. “Happily” is the key though because the ones that aren’t can be major pains in the arses.

  3. April says:

    I used to be the best fag hag. I miss that, too.

  4. magpie says:

    LOL – I wanted to describe a (gay) friend as a bear, on my blog, but I thought I’d hurt his feelings. So I called him my walker instead.

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