1. I took English courses because I could do the homework – reading mostly – while “working” in the dorm cafeteria. I liked being paid to do my homework.

  2. Heh. That’s why I became a librarian, all you have to do is find the information, you don’t have to write about it.

  3. Talk about polar opposites – I loved my liberal arts school because it was all papers and no scantron tests!

  4. I agree with April. I avoided scantrons in college like the plague. I’d rather write a 25 page paper on anything than do a scantron quiz.

  5. Like April, I’m an opposite – I had an instructor who would give us a choice between multiple choice or essay exam, and I always opted for the essay because it was easier to bullshit my way to an A (I wrote about the stuff I knew and managed to avoid the stuff I didn’t study).

  6. my undergraduate is in…oh wait, I don’t have my undergraduate degree yet because I still have 4 classes left to go. This is my dirty little secret! I left in my senior year to pursue my career and have tried to go back several times! I’m down to only 2 quarters and I WILL FINISH BEFORE MY OLDEST CHILD graduates in 3 years!!!

  7. I majored in Art History so that I wouldn’t have to take math.

  8. smibbo

    I am choosing math/science because its the only subject that is challenging to me.

  9. I much prefer essays, you can do them in your own time (as long as they are in before the deadline). Exams make me nervous and I can’t concentrate under the conditions you are under whilst sitting them. I need music on in the background you see ;)

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