1. That was your WORST month?!?!?! Doesn’t sound so bad to me. Then again, I couldn’t even sell girl scout cookies to my own mother!

    • It’s not the job I brag about, but it was a lot of money at a time when I had almost no overhead.

  2. Wow. I come from a long line of salespeople, but somehow that gene missed me. I think it’s great that you had success in a field that hasn’t traditionally been friendly to women.

  3. Are you referring to selling cars or Mommy Blogging? Because they’re both pretty unfriendly to women.

  4. I am impressed. I can’t even give things away.

  5. My family owned the local Chevy, Cadillac, Buick store for 50 years. Then my dad sold out and opened his own little pre-owned car store. I worked down there for years. Loved it, miss it. My forte was in F&I though not sales. I can sell ice to an eskimo but I prefer finance.

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