Tech Tips Tuesday: Stumbleupon 102 Reaping Rewards

If you haven’t yet read last weeks tech tip, you’ll want to take note of it first, then return here. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Hopefully you’ve spent the last week with your toolbar installed and thumbing up sites and pages that you enjoy. I also hope that you’ve connected with a few friends from your address book on Stumble Upon.

If you’re a blogger or a domain owner take a moment and update your StumbleUpon Profile so that it has your URL in it somewhere. It doesn’t matter where, just don’t be obnoxious, and it will be found. Let me show you why it matters.

This morning when I look at my stats I see that a post of mine is getting stumble traffic.


I go to the post and click the review button


When I click the review button I find who the Stumbler was.


It’s an incredibly nice review so I then click on HughDB’s user name and see this.


Stumbleupon has succeeded, once again, in bringing me to new sites, meeting new people who have similar interests. I start clicking around on his site, and when I find something I like, I review it. Of course, the cycle begins again.

What can a good stumble bring? Anywhere from 200 to thousands of hits, they aren’t just hits though, they’re qualified and interested readers. If you can take 20-45 minutes a day and participate in the Stumble Upon community then it’s entirely possible that the first several hundred hits each day will come from Stumbles. Mine do.

Almost equally important is finding other sites, very few of us are islands. We all love to maintain a blogroll, naturally if I’m on your blogroll, I’d want to bring more traffic to your site.

StumbleUpon is like a giant karma loop. You share the best of the web, with the best of your readers and friends. Everyone benefits when we all use it responsibly.

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