I Confessed


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10 responses to “I Confessed”

  1. Landfrau says:

    to me this soulstripping is strange, moms are human too,so why”confess”? Who wants to be a saint?

  2. Geoff Meeker says:

    This is funny, outrageous, sad. But refreshingly real. I am going to buy this book.

  3. SoreThumb says:

    “Proud owner of a vagina.”
    That was you, right?

    That’s now your epitaph. :)

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  5. Nicole says:

    I love it! Definitely going to be purchasing that book!

  6. TRACI says:

    Jess-if it was possible to have a crush on you after meeting, if for nothing your awesome rack-now I am there.

    PROUD OWNER OF A VAGINA?!?! Perfection.

  7. Traci,

    I was wearing a minimizer bra. :(

  8. this is great. I should get one of those t-shirts and tell Joel that if he has any more missing assignments, I’ll wear it to one of his games.

    I knew it! You know Romi.

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