Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards


And the accolades go to….

The guy who beats Rihanna?

Say it ain’t so, tell me that isn’t presenting my tween a domestic abuser as someone to look up to.


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24 responses to “Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards”

  1. Tiffany says:


    I cannot believe they would send that kind of message.


    Nothing like rewarding a guy who beats the crap out a woman- especially on a platform targeting kids.


  2. Elle says:

    It’s Rihanna. No “h” at the end.

  3. April says:

    I’m pretty sure the nominations came out before the “incident,” but I agree that Nick needs to step up and disqualify him.

  4. Rob Mortimer says:

    I agree entirely, though I’m sure once a court decision has been made and the threat of lawsuits diminished they will do the right thing.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Even if a legal decision hasn’t been rendered, Nickelodeon has a responsibility to put the kids’ best interests first. If not, we will as parents.

  6. Rob Mortimer says:

    Yes it does, but as we know with most major corporations; a public outcry is less important than avoiding a multi million payout… sadly

  7. Tiffany says:

    Hmmm, guess I won’t be turning on Nick today. What are they thinking?

  8. @Tiffnay, more importantly don’t let your kids use the website, it’s not kid friendly.

  9. annie says:

    Of course they won’t boot him. It’s about money. He sells therefore he stays. If parents were to boycott or other nominees and presenters were to speak out and decline to show up if he stayed on the ballot, then Nick would wake up because “money” would be at stake. But no one will speak up. They are afraid to appear “judgemental”. We don’t judge people in our society anymore even if they deserve it which this guy clearly does.

    It’s about the money, people. Money is all that matters to NickJr.

  10. Tracy B says:

    I’m so dissapointed. This is just awful. We won’t be watching Nick is this house. I feel like our poor kids have all the wrong role models. This A.M. on the car radio we were bombarded by the “Condoms in the Christmas Stocking” story with Zac Efron. Ahhhh! Conversations that I will have but don’t want to have with my 10 yo daughter on the way to school. I feel like the freaking information police.

  11. Monika says:

    Does anyone know if Nick has somewhere we can share our opinion about this? I sure don’t want any kids seeing this lowlife promoted on tv.

  12. shabaaby says:

    It’s a shame that one of the few family channels left are allowing that monster chris brown to be left on the ballot. That is definitly not the role model i want for my son. Self defense? Whatever. Brown’s a violent child who needs to be made an example of. I hope he receives the maximum sentence for not only what he’s done to rhianna but to women everywhere. This is despicable behavior. As for nick we wont be watching that anymore in my home. Shame on you Nick.

  13. […] this. Although I firmly believe that Motrin needed a scolding, I don’t think that Skittles or Nickelodeon need to be punished. They just need to decide if they’re marketing to children or to adults. […]

  14. Leah says:

    Well, if they really kicked him out of the program, they would have to kick out every artist that has any questionable character flaws, like drug use, etc. There would be no one left.

  15. @Leah, which is why I’m not pimping a petition, I’m just monitoring my own children.

  16. ilinap says:

    Nickelodeon is clearly not a safe and sound place for kids.

  17. Cindy says:

    As far as I’m concerned, his so-called “apology” was an admission of guilt. Even if he “only” hit her once, it is one too many times. It’s time for the adults to explain why he shouldn’t be given anything other than jail time and quit hiding behind excuses. Let’s teach our boys it is never acceptable to put your hands on a female in anger. Let’s teach our girls to never “accept” that kind of love.

  18. Marguerite DuBosque says:

    Chris Brown should be kicked out of the awards contest. He and Rihanna should both be disqualified, because she has taken him back. They both send a terrible message to the young audience watching these awards. It is unconscionable for Nickelodeon to leave these two young and disturbed singers up for awards.

  19. juliana says:

    you guys are all stupid just cause that incidint happened now allof you have complained of having him as a nominee and now he won’t be there he still has fans that want him to win and its not stupid that there back together you guys are all little kids im a teenager it’s bad that he did that but if she chooses to take him back that’s her business not yours i still like them both!!!

  20. Aunt T says:

    Dear,Dear, Juliana Take this from someone who knows,If they hit you once they will do it again.I have had many calls from a family member to pick her and her children up and have witnessed it firsted hand. I take her somewhere safe and in a few days or hours he calls crying sorry and she goes back.And the police don’t help matters any. Sorry sweetie you have alot left to learn. Chris Brown needed to be kicked off the kids choice awards. I don’t won’t him for a roll model for my children.God help them Both! Was anyone else upset how some of the people were dressed at the award show. I certainly was. We turned it OFF!

  21. MELODY says:

    Did anyone ACTUALLY watch???!!!!! All I read is Rihanna/Chris Brown this and Chris Brown/Rihanna that. Get a grip people. What happened, happened. There both adults, it’s being dealt with. I truly don’t think they are being nominated for their personal lives. Nobody’s perfect and believe me how bad would you look under a microscope? I don’t hear any rants going on about Kid Rock!! What about the PCD performance or (hello!!!!!) the outfits especially the lead singer!!!! I really don’t think that their first song was appropriate either. I could have sworn I heard thong reference (during the whole cross-dressing thing) in there somewhere (I don’t know about you but I would want my 4 yr old asking do you have a thong on?).

  22. Elt929 says:

    i kinda do

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