Social Media Meltdown

The email begins with, “I’m working for _____ and I’d love you to talk about ____ movie.”

I reply with a “sure, send a screener or give me a date to show up at the movie”

Punch line. There are no screeners, there is no screening. There is a link where I can purchase tickets.


If there’s a budget to hire a publicist, then there’s a budget to send me a movie ticket. This is just the last in a long stretch of “if you do this then maybe there will be a paid gig somewhere down the line for you” phone calls.

I will absolutely never review another product, movie, video game or article of clothing on these pages without being compensated.


I don’t care if it’s the end of parties, swag or conferences. I’ll continue writing and I’ll continue taking advertisers, but if you’re looking for a Mommy Blogger to write about your shit… pay me, or go away.

I drive a new BMW, wear couture mixed with thrift store finds, I’m active in my community both in person and online, my reach is huge.
Congratulations, public relations, your collective ineptitude has kicked your asses out of my space.

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