The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth: Tech Talk Tuesday

The net is where the big kids play. If you’re ready to dive in the deep end and have a play at the social media party; grow a set. Yes, ladies, that goes for you too.

Today I’ll just highlight four facets of Social Media and let you draw your own conclusions. I’m hopeful that you’ll leave some comments and spark a lively discussion.

Own It.

Yesterday a blogger wrote about being disgusted by one woman nursing another woman’s baby, I believe the title of the post was “Rent a Boob”. Well, it was a good post, it was controversial and (as expected) there was a discussion about it on Twitter and on the blogs.

My understanding is that the woman who was acting as a wetnurse was too easily identified. Unfortunately, the post is down. I would have enjoyed directing your attention to the post, as it’s the only one I’d seen over there that would have caught my eye.

The post was taken down. She says she was threatened. Rather than a tome, I’ll give you the bullet points:

  • Don’t delete your posts, if you can’t stand behind your words, I don’t want to read them
  • Try to change names, places and faces if you think someone might be hurt by your words
  • If you’re in a room with a blogger, tell them that you’d prefer they not talk about you, most will respect your wishes
  • If you are afraid of a little controversy then go to lolcats or get off the web

You Can own it and enjoy it.

Recently Marcus Brown sent a change of email address email to 150 Bloggers and Social Media Personalities. He did not BCC. It was a disaster.

150 self promoters were all CC’ing each tother in an attempt to send funds to Nigeria, lengthen their penis’ or get twitter followers. It was comedy for nerds.

Most importantly I get email from Jason Calcanis, I felt a little special (and not in the short bus way). Marcus Brown sent an apology email a few hours later, and all was forgiven. Through it all I discovered his very funny site, and now I’m sharing it with you. He was genuine and apologetic. It happens, I hope folks find a way to laugh with me when I have a faux pas.

Larger corporations could learn a lot from this. Although I firmly believe that Motrin needed a scolding, I don’t think that Skittles or Nickelodeon need to be punished. They just need to decide if they’re marketing to children or to adults. Either decision is fine, just make a decision.

Enjoy it.

Be a nerd, know it, love it, enjoy it and smile. I’m pretty sure that Woz had his fair share of wedgies in Junior High School. Last night he was on Dancing With The Stars strutting his stuff with a mostly naked dancer clinging to him.

Woz’ joy translates and there is now a viral campaign, Vote Woz!

Say Thank You.

When I head out for an LA Tech Event I put on a little makeup with the hopes of meeting Wm. Marc Salsberry. Why Wm Marc? Two reasons, he’s a serial entrepreneur and it’s super fun to talk to him, and because he’s a kick ass photographer.

I want to be recognized from site to site, so I use the same photograph on Twitter, Facebook and in my comments. My new photograph is a Wm Marc photo. If you’re lucky, you’ll get in front of his lens too. He’s Los Angeles’ treasure and he’s too self effacing to admit it.

So thank you Wm Marc, for this.

Check out all my tech tips here, and if you have a tech question do leave it in the comments. I’m always looking to address the topics you want to discuss.

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