Overheard: Mom Are You Going To Blog This?

Mothers Day was wonderful. Although my Mom is in New York and sent me this as her iPhone Picture of the Day:

naked cowboy iphone picture

My husband, the kids and I had a fun day of breakfast in bed, Playstation and rollercoasters. Yes, I’m beat. I did make everyone dinner and as we sat at the table the following unfolded.

HUSBAND: You know Jane, one day we’ll be celebrating you on Mother’s Day

JANE: Why would you celebrate me?

HUSBAND: Because you’ll be a Mom one day too.

JANE: What if I never have kids?

ALEXANDER: Then I guess you’ll be a Dirty Tramp.

Hunh? [insert sound of record player scratching here] Jane looked at me and my husband quizzically and then we looked at each other. My husband said to Alexander, “what is a Dirty Tramp?”

“I dunno.” Alexander replied.

And there were gales of laughter. Because at seven he has absolutely no clue what it means, why we were amused or how it was inappropriate. We can only surmise that it’s a comic book or cartoon phrase he regurgitated.

Before you start in with the “you missed the moment, you’re bad parents, you shouldn’t have laughed” spiel. I’d like to tell you something. We know we failed. We’re okay with that.

Jane said to me, “Mommy are you going to blog this?”

You bet your sweet cheeks I am.


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