Tech Talk Tuesday: Phones Play and Apps

Okay guys, I’m going on a Mommy Blogging bent for Tech Talk Tuesday.

Telephones: Do not give up your land line. I know we all love our cell phones, but you absolutely must not give up your land line because you won’t have 911. E911 is the service associated with you cell phone and with VOIP. E911 does not go to your nearest police station, poison control or firehouse.

My cell phone’s 911 sends me to the California Highway Patrol. I’m in Los Angeles, talking to a dispatcher as far away as Eureka will not help me in an emergency.

E911 does not have a record of your address. What if you can’t talk? What if a baby sitter can’t recall? What if you stutter because you’re nervous.

Moms, do not give up your land line, if only for 911.

Places to Play: My kids love playing games on the Internet. Club Penguin is a no brainer as is Guess who I trust? No one. Invest in laptops and a wireless router, when you cook dinner, they can have some screen time AND you can be in the same room with them.

My tween is outgrowing being in the same room as I am. Get a mac (we have two) and install the Leopard Operating System. Leopard is the best friend a mother has. I monitor her computer from mine, give her specific times of day the computer can be on and even a time allotment per day that varies from weekday to weekend.

Apps: If you have an iPhone and a sense of humor you must get Nag Mobile (just 99 cents). Next week I’m launching a contest where the best video use of Nag wins something (working on sponsors for that right now). The Baby Activity Logger is wonderful for the alpha mom who needs to monitor baby’s intake or just for the tech mom who enjoys the organization. Don’t forget there’s Whrrl, which is a free iPhone download and makes social media fun and safe for moms and kids.

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7 thoughts on “Tech Talk Tuesday: Phones Play and Apps”

  1. You are really gonna hate me today- disagreeing with you again LOL I have VOIP and had to call 911 in September (when I almost died from a pulmonary embolism). We had no issues and they got the necessary emergency crew here ASAP. (Thank God!)

  2. What about Reverse 911 when there is a weather disaster or fire? Just think about the fires in Southern California when they used Reverse 911 to tell people to evacuate. That and the fact that my husband and I tend to leave cellphones in the car, forget to charge it, or lose it on occasion means we’ll always have a land line.

  3. Even if you cancel your landline, you still have E911 – at least in NY & SC. I think it’s a law. Wait! That can’t be! It actually makes sense!

  4. Around here E911 is Enhanced911. All your data comes up on the terminal. Name address phone # nearest cross street etc.

    I believe that they can also triangulate your location with a normal cell phone, it’s just not as accurate. With the new smart phones, having a GPS chip makes it easier to locate someone in an emergency.


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