Giveaway: Tupperware Gives to You Too

Earlier this week, at the Tupperware party I had a few remarkable conversations. Rick Goings (the CEO of Tupperware) was telling me about the growth of the company, and (unlike any other man in his position) he wasn’t talking to me about the product. Rick was talking to me about the people. He said that the way to success is to, “find a great parade and walk in front of it.”I suspect that Rick does a lot more than lead a great parade. What I heard was that women in India and the Philippines were changing their lives. I listened as Brooke Shields talked about the early days of Tupperware Parties and the fact that men didn’t necessarily love the idea of their wives working. Tupperware is more than pop culture. Tupperware has always been about women joining together.

I understand that the mission of Tupperware the brand must be to be to fulfill the needs of it’s shareholders. I can’t shake the notion that the mission of Tupperware’s CEO was empowerment of women and girls, and that the money was just one component.

I’m not sure if the party felt warm and inclusive because it was a great party or if that was a result of it being a fundraiser for the Chain of Confidence and SMART Girls. I’ll give you a few highlights and then I’ll get to the giveaway:

  • Rick Goings was wearing beautiful shoes. I was convinced they were Stubbs and Wooton, but he cannot remember the details, they are Italian. I realize now that men and women are very different as we remember every shoe purchase with love and reverence. I realize that there are more important things to ask the CEO of a Fortune 1000 corporation, but I’m a Mommy Blogger, not the New York Times. Deal with it.
  • Maureen McCormick is one of the kindest women I’ve met in years. She has a gentle manner and clearly adores her family. I was literally shaking when I walked up to her, as we all wanted to be Marsha growing up. What I found out was that she is a woman of both depth and beauty, and I’d really like to buy her book, but part of me feels like it would be eavesdropping on her life. I still want to be her when I grow up.
  • Susan Porcaro Goings walked in the door, saw that I was having a wardrobe mishap and pulled some Hollywood Tape out of her purse. Susan is my new hero. Cuz, ya know… charity starts at home right?
  • Kate Flannery is amazing. Super bright and she gave me a ton of tips for my pending Chicago trip. She’s on a fantastic show and while the Emmy Nominations were being made, Kate was giving money to charity. (yes, I have a little girl crush… leave me alone)
  • Ruby was there, I did not get to meet her, but I’m very excited to follow her story. I think anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about what we eat and how we move our bodies. I think she’ll have the journey of a lifetime, and it’s incredibly brave to let the world watch.
  • Ally Landry was there and I know you won’t believe me, but she is more beautiful in person than in photographs. It’s like my eyes got airbrushed. She clearly won the DNA lotto and she’s smart and nice too. Trifecta!
  • I didn’t get to meet Penelope Ann Miller or Stacy Keebler, but I did get a minute with Wendy and Beau Bridges and I really look forward to more time with them all.

Now, let’s talk Tupperware. Here’s what Tupperware is about to do for you. One lucky reader will get $243 worth of Tupperware. These are my absolute essential items (note the corkscrew – Mommy needs wine) I use the salad spinner each and every day, and the Flat Outs are incredible because they store flat and go in the dishwasher flat too.

Quick Chef– valued at $53.50

quick chef tupperware

Stuffables Super Set valued at $45.50

stuffables tupperware set

Flat Outs! 6-pc set valued at $54.50

Flatout set

Tupperware Corkscrew valued at $29.50

Corkscrew tupperware

Twistable Peeler– $13.50 (I have an unhealthy addiction to this)

twistable peeler tupperwarwe

Spin & Save Salad Spinner– $47.00

salad spinner

You can enter up to three times.

1. Leave a comment here along with a note about your favorite tupperware product
2. Send out a tweet with a link to this contest, and leave a link to the tweet in the comments.
3. For three entries, post a link to this contest on your blog. Your pingback will be three entries.

I’ll put all the entries on a list and number them, then I’ll call my mom and she’ll pick a number. Hurry though, you get one week! This contest closes at noon pacific time, July 25th.

66 thoughts on “Giveaway: Tupperware Gives to You Too”

  1. Wow… it sounds like you’re hanging with some fascinating people! Nice to see you’re keeping your feet on the ground!

    I grew up with Tupperware, but it was mainly the square sandwich containers, with lids, that I found every day in my lunchbox. I would love to win this amazing little package!

  2. Tupperware! One can never have enough Tupperware… I was so envious of the Tupperware Whrrl story!

    I MUST have the Quick Chef! Being from Arizona… I am a salsa addict and I would love to make my very own. :)

  3. The Flat Outs look unbelievable! I must admit, I’ve never owned a piece of Tupperware. I guess I never knew anyone who sold it. I’m addicted to food storage and I love clever ideas. I’d love to try some.

  4. I don’t have any Tupperware. I don’t even know where one buys Tupperware here on my little isolated prairie. My mom had Tupperware by the cabinet full when I was growing up. Some of it even was sent off to college with me it was so durable.

    Who is Ruby?

  5. ooooh! I’m in LOVE with those flatout bowl things!

    My fave Tupperware of all time is that shape ball thing for toddlers. Do they still make those. *I* had one in the Jurassic age. And I bought one for my now 11 year old when he was a baby.

  6. You don’t have to enter me in the giveaway…as I sell Tupperware, and so I happliy have all the items you’re giving away. I just wanted you to know I loved reading your blog. You write well, and you pick up in interesting things, and it was a great read.

    I see that you met our Chairman & CEO Rick Goings. I will agree with you, is an amzing man, and fascinating to listen to…but more importantly, I sense you picked up it. “It” being the smile, the tingle in your heart, the gift…it’s everything we get from Tupperware and it’s everything I spend my days working on as a Tupperware Leader.

    The gift of making a difference in a Woman’s Life…someone gave me that gift, and I spend my days “Paying it Forward,” and/or trying to give it away. One person at a time.

    It was beautiful to hear that you felt that tingle. Thanks for writing the blog…made my day.

    Kirstin Jones
    Tupperware Two Star Director

  7. The salad spinner has always been my favorite. Making the dinner salad was always one of my “chores” growing up, and when my mom brought one of those babies home form a Tupperware party once, it changed my life!

  8. I’ve been a loyal Tupperware addict my whole life. I still have fond memories of the toddler shape sorter! Now my favorite items are the gallon tea pitcher and the ice cream scoop.

  9. would you believe i’ve never used any tupperware. yeah, seriously.
    i really need a new corkscrew. i bought this really fancy one and half a cork is stuck in it…and won’t get out!! and i need my, too!!

  10. This is a great blog and I have really enjoyed reading it. I have been with Tupperware for over 17 years and love every minute of it.
    All the products are outstanding and I actually use most of your favorites every day!
    Tupperware has great products, a great plan, great people, and has been green for over 60 years.

  11. This is right up my alley. I am a major T-ware lover! You should see my pantry! It’s totally organized with oval modular mates! (my favorite, by the way) – and all labeled. I get comments all the time :)

  12. I love their little containers which are perfect for kid snacks and salad dressings for lunches on the go. I grew up using the plastic cups and my kids have used the same design, but just in updated colors with lids. I love Tupperware and enjoyed reading about the fab star studded Tupperware party on House of Prince!

  13. I grew up in a house full of Tupperware. I haven’t seen a catalog in years. There is a product I loved that my mom had though, it was a marinating bowl. You could put your meat/seafood in and add the mariande and lid, and your were also able to flip it over so that both sides could be marinated. I am not sure they make this anymore, but would love to have one.

  14. Love these products. My favorite piece of Tupperware is a mixing bowl my mom always used when I was a kid. She gave it to me! Aren’t moms the best?

  15. I just love the plain bowls, used for silverware. I grew up on the old school (80s) version of these bowls, and still use them when I visit home – so they have lasted forever!

  16. My brother and his fiance got the salad spinner and it’s very nice.
    My favorite Tupperware product is the deviled egg tray, because it’s just the easiest way to get them where you’re going.

  17. I have had the opportunity to meet Rick Goings and he is a fabulous leader of Tupperware, not just selling products, but enriching people’s lives, especially womens’. I love the Tupperware ice cream spoon!

  18. Oh please oh please oh please!!!

    I do not own any tupperware of my own! I have two storage containers swiped from my mother.

    My favorite product as a kid was the lunch box with the little containers inside that housed your sandwich and other little things in round boxes with lids.

  19. I have an old Tupperware 4 quart mixing bowl that has a handle a pour spout. I use it all the time, especially for things like pancakes. Measure, mix and pour all from the same container.

    I love these new products. Who knew Tupperware had gotten so cool?

  20. My mom used to sell Tupperware back in the 80’s. I have had a long love affair with their plates and mixing bowls.

  21. I have a salad spinner (but love the looks of this one, and would hapily replace it), though my favorite would have to be the Quick Chef! I hope I’m not too late, I just found this.


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