Will You Be At BlogHer In Chicago?

I will.

I’ve got to admit, I’m a little intimidated by the size and scope of it. The conference looks interesting, and I’m excited to meet people who have given me windows into their lives. I wouldn’t begin to list them, lest I leave someone off the list.

Which brings me to this.

I’m going to the Social Luxe Lounge, Bowl Her and the people’s party. They seem inclusive and I’m looking forward to meeting folks.

Of course my phone has been ringing for the past three days with, “Were you invited to the ______ or the _____?” I hear it’s only 30 people. So folks, am I walking into High School again? Do the brands mean to exclude 500 people or are they really that interested in 30? Am I completely spoiled by the inclusiveness of the 140 Conference and Girls In Tech? Is my bubble about to burst, or was I just wearing blinders?

Here are the parties that seem to “get it”.

Am I off target and just too prickly? Cuz, it’s been known to happen.

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  1. I have heard that BlogHer can be very Cliquey. (hope I spelled that correctly) But these are the parties that are supposed to be very inclusive! See you at the peoples party!

  2. People anywhere, including social networks, tend to group off. Pay it little attention and have a good time anyway. An exclusive party that would want me wouldn’t be a party I would want to attend. I believe Samuel Clemens turned me on to that advice.

  3. I’ll be there, probably avoiding the parties (except for the one for the bloggers’ group I belong to). I am socially dysfunctional and afraid of crowds. Of course, if I don’t get invited to any, the parties will be avoiding me.

    See you there…somewhere!

  4. Of course there are in and out groups. We don’t leave that behind in high school. It dogs us through life.

    Didn’t have the resources for Blogher or the time, but maybe next year.

  5. I finally managed to make my way to BlogHer. I’m really really excited and reading this post made me feel a bit… well… disappointed?

    So far, everyone I’ve met in this journey of social media and blogging, have been so amazingly supportive. They support my business, my designs, my attempts at finding sponsors. (which I did)

    They support my family, vote for me in silly contests, share my laughs and my sorrows. Even you Jessica, I include you in all of that too. I’m just me… a mom and a friend out there to have some fun and yes… learn something by going to this conference.

    Ok… this is getting lengthy, but I will be at Lobby Con… watching the sessions from streaming video, but able to get on the expo floor and parties. I’m hoping to find the doors wide open… not slammed in my face. *kiss kiss* See you there! Blinders and all!

  6. I definitely think there will be a shift in what I think as a small inclusive group of my friends once I get to Blogher. I guess that’s why I am excited about the small intimate setting of other conferences such as SITScation.

    I do look forward to meeting you!

  7. i will be at blogher. and i could care LESS about the cliques. i was above that in high school and still am. free agent, baby. if you don’t want to meet me (and i mean the masses you) then fine. the clique bitchfest that i’m sure will be there…can kiss my ass. just like at my 20th high school reunion. i’m not nervous for this. because i know who i am and what my blog is. i also know that i have really, really, really great and amazing blog friends who will hang out with me. i might be shy but i’m NOT insecure. and i’ll be damned if i’m going to let a blogging conference change that.
    and if i get so beyond disgusted with the behavior of the women, chicago offers some great places to tour.

  8. I’ll be at BlogHer. I’m so excited to meet all the bloggers we’ve worked with and many more. Excited to just network with a fabulous group of people that have so many great ideas and so much energy.

    Will be definitely at SocialLuxe lounge – who’s want to miss that? but otherwise my family’s in Chicago so getting away during the day is the most I’ll be able to swing. I’ve been to exclusive parties before at ABC and let me tell you – they are the most boring ones! Bigger/more inclusive = definitely more fun!

  9. Come to lunch with us at Dick’s dude. We have room for everyone at our table!! If you play your cards right, I might just buy you a cheese stick or something cause Casey says you are the awesome and stuff.

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  10. I’m going and my company is sending me. So the weekend is really all about work for me. Granted, it’s work with some fun parties and lovely ladies, but work nonetheless.

    I guarantee you won’t hear any SQUEE-ing from me. But I can’t say the same for the other 1200 women going.

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