There’s only one good thing about Cancer. Cancer brings about the ability to discuss marijuana in a smart way. Plenty of folks discuss pot in all sorts of ways, but cancer (and other chronic illnesses) bring the medical community into the discussion. If they aren’t stoned, it’ll be a riveting discussion. In 2007 nearly 75,000 marijuana related arrests were made. What is the real cost of those arrests? Is it $100 per arrest? Is it a thousand per arrest? What could those police officers have been doing with their time? …

I Knew It

Two weeks ago I said, “hey, there’s that cough” I asked his wife if he was sick again, but she sorta smiled and said, “it’s got to be hard living with a chronic illness.” and we went back to talking about lollipops and unicorns. It’s treatable. Again. But it’s still cancer and it reaches out with ugly tentacles to touch more people than it should. I hate that the cough has told me twice. I resent every part of it, and it feels like something that everyone has to fight …

Friday Confession

Sometimes I say that just so you’ll get angry. It makes me giggle when it’s so easy.

Walking With Jane

When we walk alone and I don’t speak they do. She tells me about her friends and her days and her dreams and her fears. So I walk with my kids and listen. Jane wants to go to the movies, with her friends. Alone. She will be eleven this fall. I think it’s a good idea. Push and pull. Jane grow up. No stay with me Jane. She’s growing, and it’s proof that we’ve parented well. She’s safe and secure and confident. I’m proud and wistful all at once.