Friday Confession

With PMS comes an uncontrollable urge to scrub my home. It should be completely predictable, but each month as I cry and cleanse I’m startled.

It’s been 25 years of cleaning and menstruating and it shocks me every month.

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  1. OMG, I think we’re on the same cycle. Sorry too much information.

    I wish I cleaned. No, instead I ran to the store at 9 pm and got chocolate chip ice cream and TWO, not one, but TWO chocolate bars and a magazine last night.

    Come over and clean any time ;) Hey, you’ll get some time in Hawaii, if you do.


  2. I wishing a cleaning frenzy would strike me. We are never going to be ready to move next summer at the rate I am avoiding now.

  3. sarah

    oh no, the crying takes me to the couch, bed, or the mall, never, ever, ever has it taken me cleaning.

  4. Maybe you should scrub my house instead. Then we’ll be both surprised. Really pleasantly, in my case.

  5. No one plays domestic better than you. :)

  6. won

    I would like to formally invite you to my house in exactly four weeks!

  7. i yell when i pms. a lot. loud. and bark orders. actually, when i pms, i’m actually able to control my kids much better. i think i scare them. good times. i’m looking forward to menopause. only about 10 or 15 more years!!

  8. D@mn! The PMS fairy was really generous with you. She just left me a package labeled, “cranky and pissy, open with caution.” Too bad I didn’t pay attention to the label.

  9. I’ve stained a banister, steamed carpets and bleach baseboards this week. I’ve no idea what you speak of.

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