Tech Talk: What I Did at BlogHer

An Interview with Blog Talk Radio

I gave away Guitar Hero

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I gave away Sephora Gift Bags

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I gave away great outfits from I Am Beyond

More stories at BlogHer 2009
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I gave away gift sets from Brainy Baby

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And I gave away great tees from 10 Again Clothing.

More stories at BlogHer 2009
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But mostly. I met talented and bright women and I was privy to some incredible conversations.

I had a chance to see the world a little differently, and for that I’m grateful.

The best parts of BlogHer will never get written about, because they defy description.

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  1. Wow, Jessica, you certainly were busy at Blogher. It sounds like you had a fun and productive time. I am sooo jealous.

  2. I’ll see you at sitscation, right?

    I might bring gifts there too.

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