The Stopgap Is Injured

My dear husband is missing a stopgap today, so I’ll be cleaning the house.

Yesterday I did a fun little radio segment at WCCO radio in Minneapolis. Go ahead and give it a listen. The host is Michele Tafoya and she’s just lovely… even if she needs to be told about ears.

We talk about the breastfeeding doll, but I assure you it’s safe for work, and they didn’t even have to bleep me.

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  1. I’m so proud of you… my little girl is all grown up and doesn’t have to be censored on live radio! *sigh*

    What’s a stopgap? *looks it up*

    Breastfeeding doll… I saw that… interesting…

  2. Dez

    Being from Minnesota, I can understand Michele’s reluctance… we’re conservative about anything remotely involving sex. However, you did a great job getting around that with her. Great job :-)

  3. I’m so over the BFing doll. I don’t know why folks try to push their beliefs on other people. I think dolls with bottles are weird.

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