I’m Horrified


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  1. WillibaldoEa says:

    Ew, who are these disgusting people? While I don’t think they are wrong to be skeptical of their government, I find it disgusting that they would base such passionate beliefs on what(irresponsible) right-wing leaders are feeding them. And that’s not to say that right-wing folks are all out their spreading lies (especially because there are plenty of left-wing folks to it, too); it’s simply to say that in a time when we could use a unified government and country (Oh shit, I must be a fucking communist for saying that. Bring out the torch-wielding villagers!), so many people are pandering to this fear that threatens to break up our country more than any power-hungry administration ever could do on its own.

    And for people who live and die by the constitution, these folks sure don’t seem to understand the difference between state/church, morality/the law.

  2. April says:

    I’m sorry, Jess, I could barely stomach 1:02 of this video.

  3. Eh, let’s just give them the middle of the country and then ignore them. I only really need NY and LA.

  4. Virgin, WOAH!!! I LIVE in the middle of the country (Arkansas). No giving up the middle of the country, please!!!

  5. Yes, please! New Orleans is needed.

  6. WillibaldoEa says:

    We need Wisconsin for cheese.

  7. Kenn Chaplin says:

    Glennbeckistan would look like this. Clearly there aren’t enough beds for the insane.

  8. corrin says:

    So many delusional people that cherry pick their beliefs.

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  10. Jill says:

    wow. I’m speechless. Clearly it’s been edited to put the really stupid people in the forefront. However…. the fact that there are SO MANY of them is truly disturbing.

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