Just One Of the 738 Reasons I Love My Kids’ School


It’s back to school night tonight and K-3 doesn’t have homework. Alexander is thrilled, and I don’t blame him.

Jane was telling me she loves her fifth Grade teacher because she, “deals in reality”. Reality means that you can check your math with a calculator (they exist in the real world), many tests will be open book (resources exist in the real world), and the fifth grade has homework tonight, because the reality of it is that kids don’t attend back to school night.

Yeah baby. We’ve got a teacher who gives kids work and has them understanding why they’ve got to do it. Jane’s happy, I’m happy, still Alexander is happiest.

Quiet time is almost over, I’ve got kids to play with.

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4 responses to “Just One Of the 738 Reasons I Love My Kids’ School”

  1. Gib Wallis says:

    I was just reading all about how homework doesn’t help kids before high school.

    But if your daughter drinks the Kool Aid before junior high, more power to her. ;-)

  2. Where were you reading that? Sounds like hippie bullshit to me. Kids need to learn study skills and discipline.

    you know… so they can grow up all disciplined like you and me.

  3. Mandi Bone says:

    Youe kids school sounds so great. I am really starting to get scared on researching where my kids are going to attend.

  4. Jeanne Berkowitz says:

    My kids go to a Montessori elementary and they have no homework as most of us traditionally think of it, because the kind of things they work on at school don’t lend themselves to homework assignments. Instead, families are encouraged to “work together” at home – preparing dinner, taking care of the home, etc. I think it’s pretty great! And yeah, maybe a little hippe-dippie, but it seems to be working. :-)

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