What’cha Up To?


Uhhh… not much.

This morning I have an 8.15 blood draw, stupid Hashimoto

Oh an then a Yoga thingie with a yoga guy.

oh and then there’s the Face Chipz launch thing

and finally Digital Family.

I’ll be using whrrl a lot today and I think you can still get a ticket to DFR before it’s too late.

It’ll be fun, plus I have it on good authority that Serena will be there, and tech events with hawt blondes are smart moves.

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2 responses to “What’cha Up To?”

  1. annie says:

    writing group
    memoir revising – some more
    get my flash ready to go for Friday
    ponder wardrobe for our trip to the States next week

  2. VDog says:

    DUDE! I have Hashimoto’s!! Sisters in sucktastic thyroids, yo.

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