A Question For The Lawyers

If I get a “no solicitors” sign and hang it on the gate out front, does that mean I get to shoot them on on my doorstep?

Or maybe I have to wait for them to cross the threshold?

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  1. I commiserate. I put a “no solicitors” sign up right next to my doorbell, but it hasn’t stopped any salespeople. Grrr. I feel so violated when strangers stand on my front porch and push me to buy something I don’t want.

    • *Very* generally speaking, of course. The law of your own jurisdiction controls.

      • Jessica Gottlieb

        Obviously I need a moat.

        • Stephen

          And/or an address in a particular state. Lawyers are only “solicitors” if they’re in a Chancery Court, and I think there are only four of those left in the US. (DE, MS, NJ, TN)

          Or you could move to Britain and, as you say, score a good deal on a property with a moat. And a sign. (Piranhas will cost extra.)

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