An Open Letter To The TSA

Dear Blogger Bob,

I see that y’all are very adept at Social Media. Clearly you are listeners, and so long as I have your ear I’d like to talk to you.

Flying is disgusting and you are making it worse. That I have to begin each and every trip with sliding my bare feet on your stinky dirty floors is unconscionable. Blogger Bob, I don’t even get pedicures because other people’s flaky, scaly, warty, fungus crusted feet disgust me so. Swine flu delighted me, and with the first outbreak I gleefully ceased shaking hands.

We love that you keep our skies safe, but please Blogger Bob, can we get back to keeping our shoes on?



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  1. I second this. Really. I wear cute shoes, just for that reason. To WEAR them. TSA, please let me keep my shoes on. Pretty please?

  2. it is very possible that after reading this, I will never get a pedicure again *shudder*

  3. How about Jessica Gottlieb branded booties for the security lines?!!!

  4. dez

    How about those hospital booties or a pair of socks to wear JUST for going through the line in. I wear socks (with my sandals) when going through airport security but then remove the socks after I get through.

  5. Shoe removal at airports, but not commonly in our own or other people’s homes, is why most of the rest of the world feels superior to US.

  6. Move to Canada where you do not have to remove your shoes…unless you’re flying to the US that is.

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