A Family Tradition Of Returning Money

Some people will tell you that Mitzvot are good deeds. They are wrong. Mitzvot are commandments, they are not optional and they do not make you good. A Mitzvah is a commandment, not a bonus point. No one cares how you feel when you do your Mitzvah, they only care that it is done.

This is good for me.

This Sunday I took my son to Val Surf to get some colored Zinc, while we were there I got my daughter a pair of absolutely adorable flip flops with socks attached. We chatted with the girl at the register and then we started to drive home. About a mile down the road I came to a red light and glanced at the receipt. The girl had forgotten to charge me for the shoes.


Since I had Alexander with me, and I want him to grow up and be like his dad I turned the car around, walked into Val Surf and paid for the shoes.

It was the right thing to do, it was good parenting and I’ll let you in on a secret. It sucked. I could’a had those shoes free.

Honesty blows.

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  1. :( debbie downer music… but now you have good karma.

  2. What, no bonus points for not paying retail? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  3. I did the same at Barnes and Nobles last week. Only I knew it and the clerk knew it!
    Felt :
    Honest, fortunate, and blessed by good parents.
    Sent a little blessing up there for my dad!
    Smiled all day.


  4. Yah, it sucked not having the shoes for free, but the lesson you taught your son is priceless :-)

  5. Oh well, paying for shoes is nothing compared to teaching your son a moral lesson. Parents are their kid’s role models – what they do will affect what their kids will do in the future.

    Atta Mom!

  6. I love people who do the right thing – especially when it’s inconvenient and kind of involves shooting themselves in the foot. Sending a hug :)

  7. I just received an extra paycheck that I don’t deserve. It’s so tempting to cash it, because it’s their mistake, not mine. I’m contacting the company today to see what to do. Thanks for teaching me a lesson, too!

  8. It’s true that honesty can suck, but you’ll get payback when your kids follow your example.

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