1. I didnt know pox could be gotten twice.

  2. No, no, no. I need everyone to wait and catch chicken pox next year so I can expose the baby.

  3. oh no. sending healing vibes your way.

  4. Is it maybe shingles? I had that happen as a teen, it’s like chicken pox part deux that is isolated to a smaller spot.

  5. Ew! Hope you feel better!

    You had the Pox the year I was born. How cool is that?


  6. Yeah, are you sure it’s not shingles? I had shingles a few years ago and it’s not something to be taken lightly. I’d get it checked if it were me.

  7. Ciaran/Momfluential

    It is possible to have them twice. My kids did. Since they were vaccinated, they had a more mild case. I, otoh, got shingles. Can I overnight you some soup?

  8. And I think I had them in 1987, too — how coincidental! Except, yes, I was older than 17, so again, the coolness has left the building. So sorry to hear it Jess! I was sick as a DOG when I was 25, and if I’d had the strength, I would have tried to infect small children, because they don’t get it as bad as we adults do. And — when you’re feeling better, you should see if you’re some kind of medical test case since you’ve had them twice!

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