Tony Hawk Ride Giveaway: The Blackmail Saga

I noticed that a lot of you were looking for reviews of the Tony Hawk Ride. I loved it, my kids loved it and I predict that it will be impossible to find right before X-Mas.

Right now I’m giving away a X-Mas Tree. What good is a Christmas Tree without a gift to put under it?

Tony Hawk has a fantastic Gaming peripheral that’s just come on the market. The Tony Hawk Ride behaves like a skateboard would attached to your gaming system.

Activision kindly let me and the kids have a preview of  The Ride, and we loved it. In fact, I loved it so much I asked them if I could have one for a friend.

Activision said, “No.”

I said, “but wait, I have blackmail pictures.”

“Oh really?” They said, “Of what?”

“Of Tony Hawk being mean to kids”

“Tony Hawk is a really nice guy, you said so yourself.” Activision sounded worried.

“Okay then, explain this!” And I showed them this picture

Tony Hawk Demonstrating the ride 2

“Tony is not sharing, he is hogging the game!” I cried.

They were like, “Uh, Jessica he’s showing the kids how to use the game.”

So the blackmail didn’t work, but the nagging did and I have one extra game for one lucky reader in the US. My review of The Ride is here.

Here are the rules:

Entering this contest is simple, just leave a comment below telling me which gaming console you use: wii, xbox or playstation. Make sure you use a valid email address. Each comment counts as one entry. Pingbacks will also count as an entry, so a link to the contest on your blog could enter you a second time. Entries close at midnight November 24th Pacific Time.

Sometime Wednesday morning I’ll call my Brother, who knows none of you, and ask him to pick a number between 1 and [however many entries there are]. That person will be contacted. If you don’t respond within 24 hours, we’ll pick another winner.

Please note, the blackmail is fictional, but the nagging is not. The folks over at Activision take a ton of crap from me, and I really do want to thank them for being so generous to my readers.

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  1. Oh, come on….first? First NEVER gets picked. ;-)

    Edited by Jessica to add that it’s a Wii

  2. Wii! That would be so great! I loved the Tony Hawk review.

  3. Mandi Bone

    We use a Wii.

  4. I have a Wii and a PS3 on the way (hey, I need it for BluRay! It’s for WORK!)

  5. ag

    PS3. Does Hanukkah count?

  6. We have a Wii and an XBOX 360, but would love this for the Wii. THANKS for the giveaway!!

  7. Wii…
    Can I add… “pick me, pick me!!!!”????

  8. I just heard Tony hawk on wait wait don’t tell me, I totally believe he’s mean to kids :). I’ve got a wii and two skateboard loving kids.

  9. Wii and winning it would help secure my title for another year of “World’s Best Aunt”!!

  10. Amy

    Wii, please!

  11. Ann F

    We have a Wii and I would love to win this!

  12. Carol

    We have a WII! Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. adrienne Gordon

    i’ll use the wii.

  14. Margaret Smith

    Thank you so much for offering to giveaway and to Activison too! My sons would flip over this game. I’d love the wii game if we won. Thanks.

  15. Wii. My 12 yo daughter wants this really bad.

  16. Kimberly R

    I would use my Xbox 360 to play with my boyfriend!

  17. Stephanie V.

    Wii – have 3 kids and a hubby who would love this!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  18. We use a Wii and matthew would love to have one of those!

  19. Wii have a lot of fun at our house.

  20. Joe P

    Xbox 360. My son wants this desperately!!! Thank you for the contest

  21. My 3 boys would love this game. They think they are shredders! That is skater talk, right?

  22. Sheila B

    Wii- My guys would love this.

  23. Michelle Draveski

    my son would love this

  24. Jill L

    We have a Wii and a few kids that would love it here.

  25. pam

    gotta go with the wii

  26. I would be the world’s best stepmom if I could score this game for my stepson to play on our Wii!

  27. Wii and xbox 360! Does this mean if I win I get two? haha j/k

  28. Laura Carter

    I heart my Wii!

  29. David Carter


  30. Jess! Just wanted to tell you how amusing your post was. You clever girl. Not really entering the contest. Unless I win. Then, of course, this is an official entry. Right?

  31. Wii. I’d promise to put it under the menorah, but then there’s that whole concern about waxy build up and thing catching fire.

  32. Thank you for the giveaway. Would love to win this for my son who has a Wii

  33. Rebecca Graham

    We have a Wii.



  35. ky2here

    Wii appreciate the opportunity to give our grandson one less reason to be embarassed by us.

  36. Scott Bergman

    Would love this for Wii

  37. Marilyn Wons

    I use the wii!!

  38. Diane


  39. Bradley C.

    The Nintendo Wii for Mii … I mean me ^.^

  40. Tracey Byram

    I have a Wii system.

  41. Kathy Scott

    Xbox 360

  42. evelyn

    my son would go bananas

  43. sarah d.

    wii, please.

  44. kathy dunaway

    XBOX 360
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  45. Nancy in MN

    My son would love that game!!

    Edited to note that he has a wii

  46. sara marcy

    wii would love this for the wii!!

  47. Renee C.

    We have a PS3 and a WII. Would love either format.

  48. Ali Jameel

    I have a Wii and Tony Hawk Rules.

  49. Justin Akers

    XBOX 360!

  50. Denise B.

    My son uses Wii.

  51. sara

    we also have a wii, this game looks amazing!

  52. Michael


  53. Deedles

    XBOX 360

  54. Leona P

    we have a wii and an xbox 360

  55. Linda

    We would like the Wii

  56. heidi bokor

    I have a Wii. Love your method of randomly choosing a winner!!! :)

  57. dawn0124

    I will use the Tony Hawk Ride game on the Wii.

  58. Jennifer Lleras

    we use wii and x-box! leave tony alone, he’s not hogging he’s teaching silly!

  59. Carol B

    Wii This looks like a great game!

  60. Teresa


    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  61. I have a Wii. Our family loves this gaming console.

  62. Mike C

    I love my Wii so I’d use this board for it.

  63. Jason

    I actually have a Wii and a 360, but I play my 360 more. Thanks for the cool giveaway

  64. Monique Rizzo

    We have a Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. Thanks for the chance.

  65. Kraton Lightner


  66. scott smith

    Wii – my kids would really love this game….. so would I. :)

  67. My family has a Wii and my hubby loves him some Tony Hawk.

  68. Jake

    I like your review and I think you were right ha ha I don’t have a console but if I win I’ll buy one for sure!

  69. Gary McLaughlin

    We Wii!

  70. Justin Gall

    X-box 3Sexy!

  71. My kids would love to have this for the wii!

  72. Timothy Pedersen

    Wii!! and PC!! and PlayStation 2

  73. Vicki Andrew

    love to win this for my daughters boyfriend, avid skateboarder. I think the wii is best for them

  74. Nicole

    XBOX 360.

  75. john rasmussen


  76. Cynthia C

    My son has a Wii. Thank you!

  77. Jason Zander

    Tony Hawk is the man.

  78. Matt C.

    WouldLove Tony Haek for our Wii.

  79. PS: PS ;)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  80. paul haddock

    Wii please, my son would love this!

  81. rhoda

    wii and ps3

  82. We have a Playstation.

  83. Estelle

    We have an xBox.

  84. won

    My son has a wii….and I have hope. C’mon Santa!

  85. allyson ayala

    my kids would love to play this on their wii, what a surprise christmas gift

  86. The kids are getting a Wii for christmas and my 7 year old loves tony hawk

  87. Kristal B

    my brother has a wii.

  88. Kimberly P

    XBox360! Thank you!

  89. Janet

    xbox grandsons would love this:)

  90. Laura P.

    I’d like Tony Hawk for the Wii please.

  91. jill klein


    This is cool!!!!! My nephews will love it!!! For Christmas……

  92. Dave

    We’re a Wii household. Thank you for the chance to win. My older nephew (and no doubt the rest of the family) will love this game.

  93. Ginny

    XBOX and a Wii, thanks!

  94. deb c

    Cool game, iIcould use one for either a Wii or PS3. Thanks

  95. Annette E


  96. Daniel M

    wii but only have a few games, need more!

  97. RAN

    XBOX Oldskool style planning a 360 from another site.

  98. Candie L

    I would love this for a Wii. Thank you

  99. Karen Gonyea

    Wii – my son would LOVE this :)

  100. Michael Kuntz

    Playstation3 ! AWESOME CONTEST!

  101. Sher E.

    we use the Wii and LOVE it!!

  102. Sam

    Nintendo Wii

  103. river

    We use the Wii

  104. We have a playstation. Thanks a bunch the game looks cool.

  105. Jennifer

    We have a Wii console. Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. Jill Myrick

    We have a Nintendo Wii that we love and play often.
    My children would love this.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  107. Justine

    Awesome, awesome, thanks for the Tony Hawk story! My son has wanted this since it was released, we’d want it for the Nintendo Wii :D We love Tony!!!

  108. Karina


  109. heatherzilla

    We have a wii and a playstation3.

  110. Boa

    I have a Playstation.

  111. Marjorie Whitney

    Wi console for the family for Christmas, this would be a great start to a gaming library for it!

  112. Erma

    I would love, love this for the wii for my son. He has been wanting this.

  113. ReggieMann

    I would like to win this for my brother – He has a Wii :D

  114. Denyse

    Xbox 360, if not- I just see Xbox. I’ll take the Wii for my sister.

  115. We rock the BOX…..The XBOX, that is.
    My son would love to hop on that board. I’m not sure if he will know exactly what he is doing but BOY WILL HE LOOK COOL!

  116. dianne

    Xbox 360 or the Wii. Tony Hawk is the best!!!

  117. damon

    I’d love this for the Wii.

  118. Leigh Singleton

    We use the x-Box system and I would LOVE to win this!

  119. Diane Baum

    nineto wwi

  120. roseh2o19


  121. katie

    Wheeeeeeeee! I mean, Wii. This game looks fun :)

  122. Annie Wilson

    Xbox…would be a great present for my son! Thanks for the giveaway…

  123. Tawnda

    ps3 version would be great!

  124. Pamela S

    My son has XBOX and would LOVE this!! Thanks so much!

  125. Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiiii, please.

  126. Bryan

    Nice!! I would love this

    • Bryan


  127. mikes

    I just donated my Wii to my parents because I don’t have the time to use it much any more and they babysit for lots and lots of kids who would get so much more use out of it. I’d love to be able to give them this new game for the kids to play too, it looks like it would be alot of fun.

  128. I would choose it for the Wii, it is the only system we have and we only have 3 games, so the kids would love this!

  129. Jen Mancha

    We have a Wii. My son loves Tony Hawk and this is on his Chrismtas wish list.

  130. We have a Playstation 3. My husband and son would LOVE this game!

  131. Cole Sifferlen

    Xbox 360. Thanks!

  132. Nanette Olson

    We have a Wii and love Mario Party.

  133. Pauline M

    We are a Wii family and enjoy our games very much!

  134. jill klein


    Cool!!!!!!!!! My daughter will scream!!!!!!!!

  135. Walter Arnett

    I use the xbox 360 dude. ::: plays guitar riff::

  136. Molly K


    My son would LOVE this!!!

  137. heather hines

    Wii game system. My son really really wants this!!

  138. Ericka

    I got my kids the Nintendo Wii, they love it! Thank for the chance!

  139. Jammie

    I think my husband and daughter both would love this, in my husbands younger years he skateboarded now he would probably fall on his behind. We game on both a wii and a PlayStation 3

  140. shawna

    We would love this for the Wii!!

  141. My children are getting a Wii for Christmas and they would be thrilled to own this!!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  142. Jason

    playstation 3

  143. Buddy suppa

    xbox LOL looks like i could hurt myself on it even though theres no wheels good thing my son would get it if your brother picks a big number. Thanks for the chance!

  144. Angela Winesburg

    Wii, thanks!

  145. anthony guarino

    I want this sooo bad on PS3, but I just had a baby! My wife won’t let me spend money on any new PS3 games. I especially want this because I skated back in the 80s, but don’t have the stamina anymore! This would be like old times!

  146. Kimberly

    I’d love this for the Wii. Thanks!

  147. Carlos Reyes


  148. Rebecca

    I just got the Wii for my kids for X-mas!

  149. larry

    Xbox 360

  150. charles

    my son is skater and would love this Xbox 360

  151. karl

    Xbox 360

  152. Jay F.

    Wii works for me.

  153. Kayla Walker

    Xbox 360

    Thanks for this opportunity to win this epic game!

  154. Ron

    PS3 for me!

  155. Heather B


  156. Kevin Ramirez

    I would like this game for the Wii.

  157. Chelsey Burke

    I have the wii console

  158. Julie

    Cool Jessica! I love how you tried to get the game :)
    My son has a Wii and he would love, love, love this game!

  159. david

    I would choose the Wii.

  160. Rosey

    We have all three, but my second-to-oldest (the skateboard fanatic) uses the PS3 the most, so he would probably prefer it for that console. Thank you.

  161. tim

    Xbox 360 here

  162. Jacob LaFountaine

    I have a Nintendo Wii

  163. Aaron

    We have a Wii!

  164. barrie

    I have the Playstation 3

  165. Sherri B.

    Wii!!! What a great game! Thanks for the chance!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  166. alexis

    we have xbox360 at the house

  167. chuck

    wii wii

  168. Sue S

    I have a Wii.

  169. Marylou


  170. jarrett

    we have ps3 and wii

  171. Mandy H

    We have a wii and are giving the kids a ps3 this christmas. Thanks.

  172. Sam

    I have xbox 360

  173. Xbox for me!

  174. Bambi M

    We’re an Xbox family! :)

  175. Renee G

    We have a wii.

  176. Mia J.


  177. Pat U

    we want wii

  178. Farooq Khan

    PS3, thanks a bunch!

  179. Kerri R

    We use a wii

  180. joseph newby

    This is kind of a goofy answer, but myself and my two best friends have all three major systems. I have a Wii, Isaac has a PS3, and John has a 360.

  181. christopher h


  182. Gianna

    Playstation :)

  183. Dree


  184. Sand

    We’ve got a Wii.

  185. Brenda Park

    My family uses the Xbox 360. Thanks so much for nagging Activision for our sake!

  186. Veronica Garrett

    I use playstation.

  187. Deb K

    I would love to win this for the wii console~My grandson would love it :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  188. Betty C

    We play on the Wii console.

  189. Jennifer Jozwiak

    I use an Xbox 360

  190. Jeanette H.

    Wii please. This game looks so awesome!! My kids would just LOVE it!!

    Thank you for the great giveaway (and the nagging)!! =D

  191. lisa duhigg

    wii or xbox

  192. Arla

    I would like the Wii

  193. Deborah R

    I’d like this game for the Wii. Thanks to you and Activision for the chance to win this!

  194. Gloria

    Xbox is what we have.

  195. Nancy

    We use the wii console

  196. amanda hinkson

    My kids have a playstation.

  197. We use a wii.. I would love to get a P3, but our current system is a wii.

  198. Erica C.

    We have Wii…and I know my two would love this!

  199. Terry C

    I have a Wii and love it

  200. Susan Smith

    XBox 360

  201. Julie


  202. Patricia Hill

    Since I have various members of the family with either a Wii, an XBOX 360, or a PS3, it is hard to decide. I guess I’d like a PS3 version. One Christmas gift down, dozens more to go.

  203. Leon Durham

    I have a PS3

  204. My son is 13 and loves Tony Hawk. He has your shirts and would love your skateboard game for his Wii console!

  205. Karen

    I use Xbox

  206. Sandra Chapin

    This would make my son’s Christmas

  207. kathy pease

    we have the wii :)

  208. Audrey M. :)

    I have a Wii and im sure that my kids would love this game. Thankyou! :)

  209. Jessica G

    First off, Thank you Jessica (for your Nagging that resulted in this AWESOME giveaway, lol! Much appreciated!) and Activision for providing the goods!

    My family would LOVE to have this sweet game for the XBOX 360, I think it would be so much fun watching my 17 y/o Son show off, my Husband “attempting” to re-creat Tony Hawks mad skills, my 4 y/o Daughter showing them who the REAL Gamer in the house is, and finally me… it will be especially priceless to them when I fall on my behind while attempting to step on the board!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  210. Xbox 360!

    Thanks for the great giveaway offering!

    This game would make an ‘awesome’ Christmas Stocking Stuffer for my son; who’s Tony Hawk’s ‘BIGGEST FAN’!

  211. Sally Sundeen

    I have a wii

  212. DanV

    I use Wii

  213. Steph

    We use the Nintendo Wii (and love it!).

  214. reeva

    we have them all, wii, 360, ps3. If I won, the kids would enjoy the wii version

  215. Shannon

    I would love to win this for my son. We have the wii and the 360, so we’d have a blast on either!

  216. Michael Lee

    My son has the Wii and loves Tony Hawk so i would like one for the wii and it will be a great christmas gift.

  217. Sabra K.

    Tony Hawk: I would like it on the PS3.
    Wow, so many people have Wiis. I do too but the PS3 has a comeback as the best console out now.


    Im not a little kid I have a PS3

  219. Kevin W......

    I’d love this game for my Wii

  220. Kellie Conklin

    We would love one for the Wii! Looks like a super fun game!

  221. Renee We

    I have both wii or xbox 360

  222. tongela

    Hi….this is great….. My reason is for my beautiful neice and nephew. My neice love Tony Hawk because of her passion of skateboarding. We were surely reminded of this over and over at Six Flags St. Louis on the Tony Hawk ride…pretti awesome. May you and your family have happy holiday cheer for TRULY this is what it is all about……thanx a mill ! X360 have stamped a lotta family memories and this would add a special touch : )

  223. Jacqueline Strawder

    Playstation 3 son would love this!

  224. We have an Xbox and I’d love to have this to put under the tree for my son.

  225. We mostly use the Wii, since it’s in the living room.

  226. Joseph D.


  227. kay MI

    My Son is 13 and would love this We have a wii please pick us since We have been unemployed since April Our Christmas like so many others will be slim

  228. Dan Gottlieb

    Playstation 3 … We both are Gottliebs!!

  229. Lisa

    This looks sick. i want it for 360.

  230. Donna K

    We use a wii.

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