Similac Pamphlet Circa 1970


Look what I just unearthed. Cleaning up is fun.

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8 responses to “Similac Pamphlet Circa 1970”

  1. Caroline says:

    We might not agree very often, but one thing is certain.

    You’ll always be older than me.



    Great find, Jessica!

  2. Caroline says:

    And kudos to your mom for nursing at a time when not that many women apparently did!

  3. My stepmom nursed when her doctors told her it was bad for the babies — and my mother-in-law took the doctors’ advice — and so was horrified when I nursed her grandkids.

  4. Kelly@Childhood says:

    I have decided that the 1970s was the decade of yellow…

  5. That is the neatest! You’ve been putting your name and face out there since Day 1, eh?

  6. Alie says:

    I love the large pretty writing striking out it all!

    I agree the 1970’s was the decade of yellow, my kitchen growing up had wallpaper in the exact pattern of her headband, and appliances and a phone to match her dress.

  7. Bettina says:

    Brilliant! I especially like all the complicated instructions. Like “terminal heating method.” Sounds scary!

  8. Momma Can says:

    They told my momma at the hospital on base that it was unlady like to nurse.  Freaking corporate crap.

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