AT&T Uverse Review

I have been an AT&T Uverse subscriber for about two months now. As Uverse becomes available in your neighborhood, you may be looking to add it in your home.

Let me tell you about my experience with AT&T Uverse.

I was very unhappy with Time Warner Cable, as it was unreliable at best. I spoke with the folks at the AT&T home office in Texas and I was assured that I would have a pleasant installation. I explained to them that I needed their installer to be respectful of my home and of my time.

Apparently we had a miscommunication.

I had an appointment with them for a Wednesday between 1 and 3. On Wednesday night at 7.30 I got a phone call from an installers cell phone saying he was really sorry that they hadn’t shown up, could they come at my convenience any day? He was nice and apologetic, and I asked them to send someone between 8 and 9 the next morning. He was incredibly enthusiastic and said, “we will be there at 8 sharp!”

At 11 o’clock the next day an installer showed up. He was a know it all. I asked for the the modem to be installed in my family room so that my wireless would work in the entire house and back yard. He installed it in my office, in the front of my house. That means that there is no wireless Internet in children’s rooms or in the back yard. He also used my bathroom twice. In fact the second time he used it he said to me, “I’m just going to drop a load and then I’ll be on my way.”

This is all happening while I’m alone in my house with him.

So, I deal with the improperly placed modem, the holes unnecessarily drilled in my walls and cleaning a toilet after the AT&T repairman. I call the offices, and they send someone out to reinstall. It’s done properly, he’s clearly senior and declines even a glass of water. It is perfect.

It is perfect for about 5 weeks. Now it is slow. I’m paying for an 18 megabit download speed and I’m getting an average of 8 to 11. It’s not okay. I spent 2 hours on the phone with their technical support a few days ago and once he got me up to 13 he was ready to hang up the phone. Again, not acceptable. If I wanted a 13 megabit download speed that’s exactly what I’d be paying for, right?

Then there was a whole song and dance about how the wireless wouldn’t deliver exactly 18 megabits all the time. I realize that, when it was installed, and for a full month thereafter I was getting about 17.5 to 18 Mbps in exactly the same location.

Today our internet is still very slow, but the bill arrives right on time. I’m getting about 11 mbps for download speed

and the queue for technical support is 51 people long

Of course there is always e-repair, right?

Although I can offer no alternative (I’m seeking one myself) I would not recommend AT&T Uverse. I had a few good weeks, but mostly it’s been a dismal experience.

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  • Johns

    All and any of you, complain all you want, but my Uverse service is 100% better than the service I received from TimeWarner/Roadrunner….that’s not saying much, though!

    • mikec711

      I am looking to get installed, but uVerse is good preSale (although I’m seeing countless postSale nightmares … and my TWC at a rental where I provide the service is great … but TWC is trying to be the most unfriendly sales force on the planet right now (40 minute hold, 20 minutes setting things up, then he accidentally disconnects me … and only way I can get anywhere is with another 40 minute hold … I am wondering if this is one of those riddles where they keep you turning the page. Oi!! I like my TWC service at the rental … I like the sound of what uVerse is saying … but TWC are being bu–heads and uVerse feedback is worse than awful. Really struggling now as I want to make it happen quickly.

  • Kbyrdwell

    “I moved to Uverse on Jan 17th. It has been the worst experience of my life!!! I have had to call every month since then to get my bill straighten out. Even thought I was glad handed and told that it was all taken care of, it awful!!! I hate it!! I wqas charged for 2 months for internet service and phone service that had been moved to Uverse. Each time I thought it was done, I would get a billl owing more than I had ever imagined. Plus all the commercials and advertisements tell you how you can record 4 shows at a time..well not if they are HD. YOu can only record 2. Who is going to record in regular when you have HD. I wish I had stayed with Direct TV!!!! I hate Uverse!!!!! At&T and Uverse are 2 separate companys. You ‘d better think before you move!!! ” on AT&T’s timeline.

  • ah

    anita in memphis. 
    i live in a building that requires that you use u verse services. when i called to get connected i was told that the bill would only be 62 dollars a month and that i would have time to have the service man come out on my time. since i am in my masters program at school i have to write a lot of papers and need the internet services like yesterday. my husband also is in grad school and needs a spot for his computer. when i called to get the service i was told that the installation time would be at my convenience. well i stayed at home the next day to wait and no one showed up. i missed my classes and i had to stay on the phone all day to get someone to tell me that it had been rescheduled. then on sat morning someone showed up at 8am. my husband and i both work in the hospital night shift and barely make it home on sat mornings at 8a. so one of us had to leave work early to meet this person who did not show up until 10am just as we went to bed. not that we got in trouble at work because no one is ever willing to come in early on the weekend. my husband was so mad that he would not even get out of bed to see the man.  will on my first bill i was billed 168.50$ a week for the services. of course i was told that they bill in advance for 3 months. we had to get direct tv for the cable and they bundled the bill without notification and no permission. when i called i was told that the bill was bundled for my convenience and that the 840$ for one month would be corrected. when i call to ask the service department for a break down i was told to just pay the bill and let it go.  until this day the bill in constantly going up. i now owe 1,540$ how can you constantly get a bill and the services is disconnected. still no answer. does anyone know what to do about this 

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  • Rev Rain

    Over 8 hours on the phone and 3 no call/no show appointments totaling 12 hours of waiting. 20 hours of wasted time over 2 weeks.
    Still no internet service, so the “disconnect” specialists finally told me to take the equipment to UPS and ship it back.

    I’m in no hurry to ship it back and I plan to change cell phone service too.

    Terrible experience.

    I feel very fortunate they never got it hooked up, then they would have had me locked into a contract and could have really taught me a lesson in complete incompetence.

  • Samcam

    customer service and even worst product. 
    The U-Verse internet service is intermittent and incredibly slow.  We have a brand new U-Verse modem (May 2012)
    that is supposed to be a 12 Mbps download modem.  I tested it at and the highest
    Mbps speed we’ve gotten is 6.68!  What a
    joke!  Also, this modem takes addresses
    and does an 404 Error redirect and you can’t even pull up Google or Bing!  Additionally, with the U-Verse, AT&T are
    blocking various sites (hello China) – bit torrent sites I use to go to on the
    AT&T 2Wire modem, are no longer available on the U-Verse.  I checked the net and others are complaining
    of other sites they can’t access anymore. 


    far as customer service, it took two technicians seven hours and two days to
    install two modems.  The modems still
    aren’t working properly – as above, intermittent service and error redirects of
    addresses.  When I called customer
    service they had no idea about the error redirects even though it’s all over
    the net which is where I found out how to correct the problem because
    AT&T’s customer service had no idea how to. 
    (BTW:  Any poor suckers out there
    that have U-Verse and get 404 error redirects, you have to clear your cache to
    get rid of them.  Only thing is, every
    time the internet connection intermittently goes down i.e. about every twenty
    minutes for us, you get the error redirect pages, so you have to keep clearing
    your cache!)


    cutting our service off ASAP and going to Xfinity.  I have some friends who have Xfinity internet
    service and they say it’s very fast and reliable.  Yes, it’s more money but what’s the point of
    having internet service if it isn’t fast and reliable?  AT&T’s U-Verse is a nightmare in every
    way.  FYI:  I have no affiliation to Xfinity whatsoever
    (I’ve had an AT&T landline, cell and 2 Wire modem for years) just trying to
    warn people what a royal pain and waste of time U-Verse is.

  • Coolwatersrw

    I am very unhappy with my experience with AT&T Uverse. When
    I called in to AT&T Uverse, I found the automated system cumbersome and
    time consuming. The system forces you to select choices that are inaccurate for
    what their customers need. Then, once I did got a live human, although they
    were friendly, they spent too much time researching an answer to my question
    only come to the conclusion they did not know the answer. All in all, I spent
    over an hour traversing through the AT&T phone system only to be
    disappointed by the ineptness of those who tried to assist me. If you are
    looking are a company that provides great customer care to their customers AT&T
    Uverse is NOT the place for you. (Even the form I used to fill out my complaint
    wasn’t easy to find or use.) My suggestion: Find another company who knows how
    to treat customers because AT&T Uverse does not.   

  • Vicki

    WOW I am glad to be reading these now. We were scheduled to get the whole UVerse bundle installed today from 1-3. We received a phone call yesterday that a tech was coming by to ensure everything was ready for the install today. Sounds like good customer service, right? We then get a call at 8:30 this morning saying they found an issue and they would be coming out to fix it. We didn’t need to be home for this. My husband and I both came home at 12:30 (1/2 day off work)  ready for the install at 1. We had other contractors here too so we thought it would be helpful if both were home. We came home to a letter on the door from 11:30am saying the issue they found was fixed and we were ready for install. So we waited and waited and waited.. Around 2:40, i called to see if they could tell me where the installer was. They politely said they were waiting on some work to be complete at my house before the installer could come. In my calm voice, I explained that this was complete at 11:30am per the note on my door. They had no record of that. After being on hold until 3:10 (with the saleswomen picking up the phone every 90 seconds to tell me she was still on hold), they told me that the window was closed and they can reschedule me for 1-3 on saturday.*Calm voice is rising*. I talked to three more different people until 4:15 and all have explained that I am scheduled for saturday 1-3. Apparently it doesn’t save in the history that my original appt was Friday 1-3 and because of their mess up, the window was closed. After reading these reviews, I am tempted to just tell them forget it. Although i can’t say I like TW, at least there aren’t 3 different customer service numbers with reps who are only able to access portions of the system.  Thanks to all who shared their experience. I only hope they read these reviews and try to improve some of their practices.

    • unclesmrgol

       You can thank our Government for the reason why you have three different customer service numbers.  I discovered some years ago (when I tried to get AT&T DSL) that due to the AT&T monopoly breakup many years ago, sales, provisioning of the physical apparatus, and provisioning of the packet services are separate.  The provisioners must service premises in strict order of request, and must not give any preference to AT&T sales over 3rd party sales. 

      What amazed me was that AT&T customers often found themselves at the back of the queue — AT&T claimed it would take two weeks to get me set up with DSL — because they made a mistake with the speed I’d ordered the first time around and sent me to the end of the queue for a repeat visit.  I went instead with a 3rd party provider and had my rated speed in less than a week.

      I’m going to try them again for UVerse, but I’ve got two phone lines and I’m going to “sacrifice” the one without my existing DSL service to the AT&T god, and we’ll see what happens.  That way, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just have them rip it out and I’ll be none the worse.

  • Not happy

    I signed up for AT&T UVerse service on 5/17/2012.  There was a promo for a $100 rewards card for
    signing up online, which sounded great. 
    I was going to be renting the modem for $6/month – my order receipt even
    confirms that.

    Our first modem died five hours after it was installed.  These things do happen, although it was still
    annoying to have service guys tramping around my bedroom for two days.  (And the modem that died was a model that the
    second service guy couldn’t believe anyone was still carrying around anymore…)

    The bill came – $100 for the modem.  Apparently AT&T is unable to rent modems
    in my area.  Why did the website allow me
    to sign up for a $6/month rental?  It’s
    not like I didn’t put in my address! 
    Thankfully, customer service was able to knock the difference off of my
    bill ($28), because at this point it will definitely take a miracle for me to
    renew my contract after 12 months.

    Finally, I received the letter for the $100 reward card…
    which I am unable to claim because I am not an AT&T Wireless or DIRECTV
    subscriber.  Apparently everyone signing
    up after April 2012 has to have one of those two services to claim their
    rewards card.  The customer service
    person at the rewards center was kind enough to point out that I must have “overlooked
    the fine print” in a snotty tone that seemed to question my literacy.

    Thank you, AT&T, for making Comcast look

    • Wayneb55

      ATT promotions are a scam! All uverse customers should file a class action suit against them to stop this false promotion. I just got off the phone with their ‘rewards specialist’ – I asked about a $200.00 visa reward card that was promised when i signed on. The eprson i spoke with only told me after 30 days of keeping the service they will send out the rewards card that would take 4-6 weeks. It’s been about 3 months – i called this am due to problem with the modem and had inquired about the rewards card. Well, they have no record of it and was ‘willing’ to give me a $100.00 reward card – I told them BS – i was promised $200.00 – they referred me to the specialists and after making a big stink agreed to send the card and said it would take 4-6 weeks. I told her i already waited 4-6 weeks, why do i have to wait again – she told me from the day it was requested it will take 4-6 weeks. I asked why wasn’t it sent out in the first place as promised and she said it had to be claimed. I told her that info was not written anywhere in the promotion and how many other customers that signed on that they must be scamming because they are not claiming it. She says other customer normally do or their representatives. I asked who would be considered a ‘representative’ of a customer? a lawyer?
      These guys are a bunch of crooks – please let the word out – customers beware. I should have stayed with direct TV. Bit now i heard att also bought them out!

  • ajrobin03

    I am a new usr of Att U-verse. I am having a problem with outbound email using Microsoft Outlook. I can receive but not send. I called and received settings from a customer care rep, no luck. She passed me on to a tech expert (?). He gave me the same settings and again no luck. He said he could go no further and told me if I wanted some one with a higher degree of knowledge I would have to fork over $49 for a one time session or subscribe to the IT service for $15 each month. U_VERSE internet service stinks if they can’t help a subscriber with a problem! I had VERIZON Fios and their service was ultra oustanding. I had 24 hr a day tech support and all tech support service was free. They even had a diagnostic tech support program that you could download and use for free…………………WHATS UP ATT………………………?

  • David

    Att uverse bundle is a nightmare ! The price keeps going up on you and the service SUCKS  the internet slows down, The price goes up fast with no warning. and your favorite TV channels can just vanish. like METV which they claim they are negotiating with.  Basically your get 100s of chanels of crap,
    internet that slows down as price goes up.  Oh and joy of joys if the whole thing goes down  you cant call them because your phone is going out too.
    Call them with a cell phone to tell them it is down? Youll get a computer that tells to to go to their internet site which you cant do because that is down too.
    I talked to one customer service rep who when I threatened to switch to Comcast said ” well yes you have that option”  177.32 and it just keeps raising.
     Save yourself a Huge headache and find a company or company s that care about your business

  • Carey

    After a year of trying to get decent wireless service from the router built into the ATT Uverse modem, I finally plunked down $40 for a D-Link router, plugged it in, set it up, and VOILA!  I’m getting the download speeds I’m paying for.  It’s easy, relatively cheap, and solved the problem.  

    I haven’t been 100% happy with AT&T, but they do offer some good channels I couldn’t get with TWC and (so far) the bill is lower.  Now that I have the wireless problem fixed, I’m sticking with AT&T.  

  • Callindamitchum

    Our experience is as such: The customer we’re speaking of is a young woman with a 10 year old child. AT&T WAS working with the caregiver (young woman experienced a series of strokes – two left her bedridden) and the caregiver working with very limited resources requested payment arrangements, most were granted. Though many reps questioned why TV was so important, some did identify with the customer’s health issues through shared experiences of being caregiver’s to bedridden loved ones. In July the service was interrupted, the caregiver tried to get services restored, the customer had to be hospitalized as these changes in her routine causes her stress and her blood pressure spike, thus putting her at risk for another stroke. It took a couple of days and that’s when the caregiver called several times after even being hung up on, and got that manager who simply asked her to put the phone to the customers ear, and she would do the rest, the manager simply asked the customer (whose speech is now impaired) two questions, the passcode and to indicate “yes” if the caregiver can take responsibility – the customer was able to do that. (Although knowing she could do that the caregiver was told by another manager it was no use to put her on the phone). Now that the caregiver is on the account, the manager restored service with a promise to pay the past due, the caregiver did comply however, she was unable to reload the credit card normally used, and found it easier to send a money order. This is where it gets ugly. The Office of the President representative acknowledged the restoral of service. But did not respond to the constant calls and emails sent by the caregiver inquiring as to why the money order had not been applied, after a couple of weeks the caregiver figured the mo should have been received and proceeded to have it traced, she emailed and called the Office of the President rep to inform her of that trace and that it would take a month to get any result, she requested a payment arrangement in the meantime and never got a response. The service was turned off again, the customer was hospitalized 3 times for hypertensive emergencies, only to have been told by the caregiver that AT&T has refused to offer any further help unless 500.00 was received. Almost an hour later, crying, the customer started convulsing and became unresponsive, her medical alert is tied to her landline and can be activated by the press of a button but since that’s through AT&T it didn’t work we had to take her to the hospital ourselves and her son witnessed this. NO ONE HAS CALLED or responded to the many pleas of the caregiver. AT&T will not respond at all. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM KILLING PEOPLE.

  • Maya R

    I am getting my u-verse installed and the technician is using my bathroom RIGHT NOW! Hopefully my experience will be better than yours was; this review almost made me decide not to get it but my local cable company is atrocious and direcTV seemed worse than u-verse so I’m taking a chance… When the technician asked to use my bathroom, I remembered this review. Lol!

    • JessicaGottlieb

      They are supposed to leave and go to a gas station or something.

      Maybe you can fake-punish a kid and make them scrub the bathroom?

  • Tim

    I cant’ tell you how crappy AT&T’s service is. They royally screwed up a transfer when we moved to a new house and we didn’t have phone, TV, or internet service for 2 weeks after we moved and the entire week before we moved because they cut off the service at the old house too early.

    Now I’m trying to get them to bury a cable that is coming up out of the ground and just lying on a sidewalk before coming into the house. I’m on the 4th service order for that and they just never show.

    I’ve been lied to several times by people claiming to be people they are not, claiming to be supervisors, etc. One time someone intentionally transferred me to a Spanish-speaking cue because he didn’t think I spoke Spanish. Ha–I fooled him! But I still haven’t got the problem fixed. It’s now 2 months since we moved and they still haven’t buried the cable, which we told them on the first call to order the transfer needed to be done.

    This is the worst customer service EVER!

  • md

    Alice- I live in orange county and I’m having a bad experience with them. Come to think of it, they installer flaked on me too. I had such a hard time even getting it installed, I complained and reached the office of the CEO. It was great! They gave me the best deal for the first 6 months and then now, here’s my story I want to share with you: I’ve had At&t U-verse for almost 2 years now. When I first signed up, I got a great deal. After 1 year, I failed to call in and extend my “promotion/rebate they had given me”. My bill increased about $95 per month. When I realized this, I called them and they said the promotions I had, expired. They said they now have a new promotion. Of course, it wasn’t as good as the last one. I accepted the new promotion that was $25 off internet and $15 off t.v. per month. I was not in a contract. They said call back in 6 months because the promotions were going to expire and they will add on the new promotions. I called back and the agent said the $25 and $15 off promotions were expired and they have new ones. The new one is 3 months free hbo and $5 off internet. Not quite as good as $40 off. Being that I was not satisfied with that, and she said there was nothing she could do, I asked to speak to the supervisor. The supervisor came on the line and understood my frustration. He placed me on hold and came back saying he could give me $18 off every month but now I have to sign a 1 year contract. I elected not to do this. Had I done this all over, I would have tried to get a deal that would lock me into a 12 month contract. They always have good discounts from the start but then when they have you, the dramatically decrease. Unfortunately, they aren’t in my area. If you sign up with at&t u-verse, be sure you call the day your promotions expire or else they will immediately start charging you, making up for the loss of discount you had! As of now, I only have $5 off each month. They said I need to call every 1st of the month to see what the new promotion is. This is a bit ridiculous since it took 15 minutes to speak to someone today. I actually have a blog about saving money, my story is posted.

    • Jason tech

      Damn you sound like a cheep ass person.

      • Frugal Champ

        Ha! No, that is how you have money to spend on more important things. The sustainably rich, often don’t spend money on the stupid things the poor do.

  • SD

    ATT U-verse , I hate this service from ATT , Why i hate , there is reason. This is review is from Farmington Hills , MI. I have ordered ATT U- verse through phone , the lady over the phone took my order and gave a deal for $ 64 for both internet and Cable ( I clearly orderd U – verse and only direct tv cable network through regular cable not the dish installation one) and with in a few days the ATT technician came to my home and he is installing DSL service (internet though phone cable) and later direct tv technician showed up with dish antenna , I was shocked to see all this , because what I ordered was different , next step was i cancelled the service …..after few days GUESS what happened ? … I got a bill from ATT asking to pay for the installation and first month Internet and direct tv bill …I was shocked…and when I called back ATT they canceled the order and created new order for ATT – Uverse …Guess what happened again ..the same technician came with DSL equipment and direct TV guy with dish…..and onei got one more BILL with installation charges and first month bills…so frustrating …. Apart from all this ATT customer care verified my credit score two time which caused 20 point reduced from score…..What a funny with out ATT internet connection i got 20 points reduced fro my credit score……you can imagine how frustrating it is …… PLEASE DON’T EVER GO TO ATT U VERSE service … It a junk service ….Please don’t even thing about ATT U VERSE.. My friends also have the similar experience ..


    Farmington hills

  • Herewegoagain

    ATT Uverse is a complete JOKE!. Negligent, incompetent and questionable procedures on what’s really going on. User Beware: Failure to provide instructions on router, failure to even give oral instructions on router, failure to provide documents on router, etc. THUS HAS LEAD TO ROUTER HIJACKING AND EVEN MORE CIRCUMSTANCES ONE WOULD NOT TOLERATE. Escape fast. Hundreds of phone calls, waiting for hours on the phone, hours on a transfer, talking to computers, etc. BS BS BS. Rip off and subjects customers to everyone from the NSA to your local hackers.

  • maura83

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