Friday Confession: Forbes List

This week Forbes created a list of 14 Power Women To Follow On Twitter. I am grateful, honored, privileged, and delighted to be on the list, but as with the other lists, it brings out people who are anonymous and aggressive.

I love this list, it’s kind and it’s diverse (meaning not just moms) and my confession to you? Well, I’m not even going to pretend to be humble. Not today. Today I’m just happy that I have even one reader and I’m going to pinch myself and twirl around the room while I celebrate.

Oh, and also, I’ll be dusting the room.

Facebook Comments

  • congrats, my friend. you are most definitely a powerful woman and i’m proud to “know” you. happy dusting.

  • You make all those lists and still have to dust your own house?

    Congrats it was a impressive list.

  • Congrats, Jess! I love those lists. I am continuously introduced to strong women whom I can learn from, and there’s nothing more powerful than knowledge.

    However, I can’t help but wonder what I’m doing wrong. as I never seem to make any lists! :( Well, except your awesome list of Moms!

  • They spoke the truth about you for sure! Congratulations!

  • Mazeltov…Pinch away…and love you more that you dust and loose at tennis!

    sending you JOY from NY

    -chris souchack

  • Congrats!! What a great list to be on. And I can see how twirling around the room would aid in the dusting thereof.

  • Um, Guy Kawasaki had to tell me about the Forbes list! Found out last night from the Alltop blog! You are officially in trouble. Feel the guilt but am so happy that the rest of the world is finding out what your friends have known for years—-you are amazing.

  • Congratulations! Confucius said, “The true value of being included on a list is judged by your companions on the list.” THAT is one stellar group of people, you should be proud. Sorry that, yes, lists generate controversies, and the thing that I admire most about you is that you tell it like it is and never shun away from controversies. You are one brave soul. You can survive this. :-)

  • Congratulations! I just wanted to say that I found out about you from the Babble Top 50 list and am so glad I did.

  • I think you’re fabulous. Congratulations.

  • Congrats, Jessica!!

  • Congrats :) This is pretty awesome!