Nestle, it has come to my attention that you aren’t just food. There’s been a thirty year boycott of your products, and frankly it’s an easy one for me. Ever since you added HFCS to the Abuelita Coco, you don’t have many  products that my family will miss (we will miss Pellegrino).

Well, I just found out about Loreal. I’ve got a bit of a thing for Loreal. I understand that Loreal is an enemy of the environment, but I make good on so many of my other decisions that I’ve decided that I’m entitled to good hair. Oh, but of course Nestle owns part of Loreal.

Nestle, it appears that you and I need to talk. I’m not prepared to change hair products without a fight and I believe that you want to not suck respect the health of women and babies (which basically means everyone in the world).

You and I, we’re about 30 minutes away from each other. I want to meet with you, because if I have to change my hair color products I’ll go out screaming and yelling.

No PR, no spin, no bullshit.

323.205.5377 call me. I’ll even have you here to my house for lunch.

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