Tech Talk Tuesday: Earned Trust, Privacy and Apps

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The Decade Of Publicy Stowe Boyd

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Foursquare is the hottest appĀ  in my community right now. It’s growing exponentially, and you’ll see folks displaying badges on their facebook pages. Yesterday AdAge revealed that FourSquare is signing deals with big brands left and right. Foursquare tracks your visits to businesses.

Whrrl, who I have a relationship with, has a check in feature that allows folks to see your footstream. It is not their only feature.

Gowalla, Yelp and UrbanSpoon have similar features where users generate content, reviews, and you get to know about people by seeing the places they frequent.

While it’s fun to see people’s opinions about places they visit, and maybe discover some new ones. I’m finding that in this age of Publicy the voices I trust are the voices I know. I don’t trust the crowd. The crowd gave me Korean BBQ slopped into taco shells and tried to tell me it was delicious. The crowd was wrong.

With the addition of so many large brands I’m left wondering why I’m checking in? Foursquare users, what did Pepsi do to earn your trust? Are they privy to your information? Is it because they are great world citizens? How many people know your house is empty?

Kids are back at MySpace, and they’re using the private chat rooms. Why? Because they value their privacy. They have both youth and wisdom and don’t need to be as public as we’ve allowed them to be.

Sometimes I’ll use Whrrl to check in, but I set it to private until after I’ve left, you can see where I’ve been. The Internet Community hasn’t earned enough trust to track me like a stolen car. My cellular phones belong to me and not to the world.

This Mommy Blogger is wearing her Sheitel on her iPhone.

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