Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Here’s a list of gifts that I’d love to get or give.

I’m a married woman, so whatever he spends is my money too. If I could pick anything in the world, it would be a Porsche Panamera with yachting trim or a collection of Clean Legged Bantam hens from McMurray Hatchery.  At the moment, my husband is not amenable to either plan, so I recommend the following.

The Card:

Cactus Girl + Tree Boy isn’t it just perfect for absolutely everyone? $2

For Her:

Kat Von D Sinner Fragrance Set. Well, really, it’s for you too… $68 with free shipping

Hermès Cuff in Red. These cuffs are classic in palladium and enamel. Treat it well and it will last a lifetime. $560

Dillon Rogers triplewrap bracelet. Momfluential gave me one of these and the quality is absolutely incredible. $72

Red Shoe clips these make every shoe special. $20

The Knot Wallet from Ashley Watson it’s made from recycled (upcycled really) leather jackets. It looks beautiful and no two are alike $154

A Bed and Breakfast gift certificate. Choose from over 1,500 locations, it’s an e-card so this is the perfect last minute gift. $20 to OMG there’s no recession in tech

I Have a Crush on You dimensional artwork $50 at Etsy

For Him:

Photo Cufflinks these are perfect for the New Dad, Uncle or Grandpa. $65

Typewriter Key Cufflinks I adore these $43

TiRUMisu Gourmet Gift Crate featuring Artisan Handmade Caramels:  Coffee and dark rum it looks delicious! $36

Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club® gift cards. It’s more than a shave, it’s an upscale grooming experience

For The Whole Family:
Corel Digital Studio 2010 OMG finally we will print a picture! I’m told that this is so simple that even I can use it. My husband, who understands photography is very impressed with it. I’m going to try making a photo book later today. Wish me luck. $60

Uncommon iPhone 3G/3GS cases, these capsules are stunning and you can embed your own image. Only $40. How cool would it be to print “will you marry me” on an iPhone case? Okay, not very, but still, these look terrific.

A Barbershop Quartet really! A typical Singing Valentine starts in the low-to-mid two digits, but wow. Just wow would I love this. (800) 876-SING, ask for Singing Valentines.

For The Tween to Teenager:

Hard Candy Cases are the cutest thing ever. I know Jane would love this in bright red. $50

The Impact phone, it’s got the QWERTY keypad they love and the price you love…. free with a two year contract.

For Your Favorite Crafter:

Needlepoint kits for beginners. My in laws taught me needlepoint years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. $38

For Kids:

The Dino Topper is a free printable from your friends at The Celebration Shoppe. Just print these up at home, and add to the top of a bag of treats for a perfect kid valentine.

A no waste lunch box. It includes a lunchbag, a stainless steel food container, three matching napkins and a bamboo spork. It’s eco fabulous. $45

Cake Balls. Just call  Anne Theis (The Cake Ball Lady!) 972-304-8387 or email her at I love the idea of cake balls, your kids can have a bite sized treat.

For Your Four Legged Friend:

The Bella Bowl: available at Petsmart $7 to $11

For Romance:

Great Sex For Hard Times: I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s a new release and that cover is nothing short of wonderful. $14

A Custom Silhouette isn’t this lovely?$30

Stunning organic bedding from Amenity Home. When these folks submitted images to me, I was like “Mr. G is totally getting lucky on those.” Yep, I still have no filter. $330-$395

Frame The Date an eco-conscious designer of custom gifts, frame your date. $75 to $125

I’m saving the best for last. My friend Charles Orlando told me this:

Throughout the 19+ years of being together, my wife and I have shared many holidays, birthdays, and special occasions… many  celebrated with gifts: bracelets, necklaces, clothes, trips, negligees, earrings,  etc. What does she remember most? What is looked upon as the unrivaled “gift  of gifts”?
One Valentine’s Day, I went to a crafts store, and bought an unusual  jar—a bit squatty, with a unique lid—and I hand-painted it. I then spent two-and-a-half weeks writing my thoughts—by hand, on little slips of paper: 1,000  reasons why I love her. Each one began with “I love you because…” and was followed by one reason I love her. That jar sits on our mantle, and she regards it as the best gift she has ever received.
In short:  romance does not need to equal $$… in this or any economy. Not sure if this fits as a product (per your query), but it might serve some well.

Charles penned a relevant book. The Problem With Women Is Men.

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