Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Here’s a list of gifts that I’d love to get or give.

I’m a married woman, so whatever he spends is my money too. If I could pick anything in the world, it would be a Porsche Panamera with yachting trim or a collection of Clean Legged Bantam hens from McMurray Hatchery.  At the moment, my husband is not amenable to either plan, so I recommend the following.

The Card:

Cactus Girl + Tree Boy isn’t it just perfect for absolutely everyone? $2

For Her:

Kat Von D Sinner Fragrance Set. Well, really, it’s for you too… $68 with free shipping

Hermès Cuff in Red. These cuffs are classic in palladium and enamel. Treat it well and it will last a lifetime. $560

Dillon Rogers triplewrap bracelet. Momfluential gave me one of these and the quality is absolutely incredible. $72

Red Shoe clips these make every shoe special. $20

The Knot Wallet from Ashley Watson it’s made from recycled (upcycled really) leather jackets. It looks beautiful and no two are alike $154

A Bed and Breakfast gift certificate. Choose from over 1,500 locations, it’s an e-card so this is the perfect last minute gift. $20 to OMG there’s no recession in tech

I Have a Crush on You dimensional artwork $50 at Etsy

For Him:

Photo Cufflinks these are perfect for the New Dad, Uncle or Grandpa. $65

Typewriter Key Cufflinks I adore these $43

TiRUMisu Gourmet Gift Crate featuring Artisan Handmade Caramels:  Coffee and dark rum it looks delicious! $36

Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club® gift cards. It’s more than a shave, it’s an upscale grooming experience

For The Whole Family:
Corel Digital Studio 2010 OMG finally we will print a picture! I’m told that this is so simple that even I can use it. My husband, who understands photography is very impressed with it. I’m going to try making a photo book later today. Wish me luck. $60

Uncommon iPhone 3G/3GS cases, these capsules are stunning and you can embed your own image. Only $40. How cool would it be to print “will you marry me” on an iPhone case? Okay, not very, but still, these look terrific.

A Barbershop Quartet really! A typical Singing Valentine starts in the low-to-mid two digits, but wow. Just wow would I love this. (800) 876-SING, ask for Singing Valentines.

For The Tween to Teenager:

Hard Candy Cases are the cutest thing ever. I know Jane would love this in bright red. $50

The Impact phone, it’s got the QWERTY keypad they love and the price you love…. free with a two year contract.

For Your Favorite Crafter:

Needlepoint kits for beginners. My in laws taught me needlepoint years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. $38

For Kids:

The Dino Topper is a free printable from your friends at The Celebration Shoppe. Just print these up at home, and add to the top of a bag of treats for a perfect kid valentine.

A no waste lunch box. It includes a lunchbag, a stainless steel food container, three matching napkins and a bamboo spork. It’s eco fabulous. $45

Cake Balls. Just call  Anne Theis (The Cake Ball Lady!) 972-304-8387 or email her at [email protected] I love the idea of cake balls, your kids can have a bite sized treat.

For Your Four Legged Friend:

The Bella Bowl: available at Petsmart $7 to $11

For Romance:

Great Sex For Hard Times: I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s a new release and that cover is nothing short of wonderful. $14

A Custom Silhouette isn’t this lovely?$30

Stunning organic bedding from Amenity Home. When these folks submitted images to me, I was like “Mr. G is totally getting lucky on those.” Yep, I still have no filter. $330-$395

Frame The Date an eco-conscious designer of custom gifts, frame your date. $75 to $125

I’m saving the best for last. My friend Charles Orlando told me this:

Throughout the 19+ years of being together, my wife and I have shared many holidays, birthdays, and special occasions… many  celebrated with gifts: bracelets, necklaces, clothes, trips, negligees, earrings,  etc. What does she remember most? What is looked upon as the unrivaled “gift  of gifts”?
One Valentine’s Day, I went to a crafts store, and bought an unusual  jar—a bit squatty, with a unique lid—and I hand-painted it. I then spent two-and-a-half weeks writing my thoughts—by hand, on little slips of paper: 1,000  reasons why I love her. Each one began with “I love you because…” and was followed by one reason I love her. That jar sits on our mantle, and she regards it as the best gift she has ever received.
In short:  romance does not need to equal $$… in this or any economy. Not sure if this fits as a product (per your query), but it might serve some well.

Charles penned a relevant book. The Problem With Women Is Men.

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  1. Happy to see the Uncommon iPhone cases! One of the guys who started that biz was a skater punk friend of my husband’s in high school. Small world.

    My husband gets me gourmet choc covered strawberries nearly every year. I’m usually not one for consumable gifts but damn if they don’t help him into my pants a bit more easily ;)


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