Dear Twitter, I Love You

Invisible People wins at sxsw

My friend George says that blogging is just a gateway drug. If that’s the case, then Twitter is heroin.

It’s entirely possible that you got an email from me last night that looked like this:

I need your help on twitter.

Can you ask everyone to put #RefreshGary in their stream once every two hours.

Mark H is a real life friend who is literally changing the landscape. He videos the homeless (he was once homeless) and gives them real faces. Because of what he does a lot of otherwise unknowing people give a lot to homeless shelters, including time.

The contest ends tonight at midnight and there’s $50K in grant money at stake. It’s pepsi and they suck, but money is good.

Mark’s work is at what’s he’s doing matters. He’s helping families.

It’s also possible that you got direct message on twitter that looked like this:

Can I get you to vote #refreshgary all you have to do it tweet the hashtag details at Thank you so much

And so many of you did. I spammed my twitter followers like crazy last night, and I’d do it again. Mark won the Pepsi Refresh Challenge and now he’ll have a $50,000 grant to continue his good work helping the homeless.

I’d love to tell you more about what Mark has done, but I think speaks for itself. Walking down Hollywood Boulevard is different now. I see faces I recognize. It’s easy to ignore the homeless, and I’m not an advocate of the easy way out.

So for all of you who supported Mark last night, to come from behind and beat Mashable, I thank you. I am wildly grateful, my children for the first time ever watched me use twitter and got to see the impact that Social Media can have. You’ve changed Mark’s mission, you’re changing the landscape of Los Angeles, and you’re changing my children.

Obviously, you are changing the world.

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