Jane Just Wants a Crunch Bar


We went to drive some Subarus and Jane asked for money for a Crunch Bar.

“No honey,” I said, ” we don’t eat Nestle products.”

“But I want a Crunch bar, I love them.”

“Jane, Nestle tells moms that they should use baby formula, and in some of those countries the water is unsafe so the babies die.”

She looked at me puzzled, so I continued, “and Nestle also cuts down the rainforest to make KitKat bars, and the apes have nowhere to live.”

“Oh my gawd Mom,” she replied, “Please don’t let them take away M&M’s.”

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4 responses to “Jane Just Wants a Crunch Bar”

  1. My five year old just says “why do they do that Mama?” when I tell him about all the bad things Nestle does. It is hard explaining the concept of profit and greed to a child that age.

  2. GreenInOC says:

    In an effort to explain to my nephew why they didn’t go to McDonalds he was told, “they don’t treat their workers very nicely”, to which he replied, “but they have toys”. He was then told, “the food that they make isn’t good for your body”, to which he replied, “but they have toys”. He was then told, “they are not very nice to the farmers that grow the food for them”, to which he replied, “but they have toys”. He was then told, “They are not nice to the earth”, to which he replied, “but they have toys”. Knowing he was a bit of a germphobe, he was then told, “sometimes when the meat is made they aren’t very careful and poop from the intestines can get into the meat”, to which he replied, “that’s disgusting!”.

    Hearing nothing about McDonalds for a long time one day it was reported back that he made his stance on McDonalds very clear when a friend’s Mom was going to take them for a treat after a playdate. He piped up, “I don’t eat at McDonalds”. Why, he was asked, to which he replied, “they put shit in the food”!

  3. Tracie says:

    Have I been living under a rock? Somehow I haven’t heard anything about this Nestle boycott until today. unbelievable.

  4. shels says:

    Above is a link of several products made by Nestle…I was shocked at how many products they make, they even play a role in dog food!!!

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