1. ronjon

    Seriously, the bass was this freaking big.

    • Kim

      LOL!! You’re killing me…too funny.

  2. the hair on your chin? it’s this long.

  3. Kim

    It’s all complete bullshit! But you *are* gorgeous!

  4. @LPearson

    “I love you but hate the behavior.” As said by your decorator who’s staging a Promises rehab stint for you.

  5. ronjon

    Trust me. I saw this in a Bruce Lee movie.

  6. “No Jessica! If you want the hair you must fluff *before* you flatiron. But only *after* you blow dry. Like this. Big long wide strokes…”

  7. Jeff: It’s this big.
    Jess: Hmmm. I don’t think so.

  8. Jeff: … and this is how big a double entendre is.
    Dude by window (thinking): THAT looks like a triple.
    Jessica: …

    Please note: As a dude, I fully realize I’m on shaky footing here. I hesitate to put words in a woman’s mouth – or photograph – where a double entendre is concerned. (See, that doesn’t even sound good.)

  9. Al

    “So I was this close to meeting George Clooney but then the security caught up with me….he really does have a nice house.”

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