Do You Take Your Son To The Bathroom With You?

Dana Loesh has two boys, and she’s not quite sure if it’s time to let them go to the bathroom alone. Alice, Asha and I chime in.

I’m in a bit of a different situation since my eldest child is a girl. I can have Jane take Alexander to the ladies room if I don’t want to stand outside the men’s room door.

What got cut was my litmus test. I decided that Alexander was old enough to use the restroom alone as soon as he was old enough to not touch the urinal cakes. Googie is going to take me to task on this, and insist that I never ever ever let my son go to the bathroom alone, molesters lurk there. Googie works for the district attorney. Googie deals in the 1%.

Though I have an earthquake kit, I still walk under my chandelier. I’ve spoken to my kids, I really think we’re okay.
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Public Bathroom: When Should Your Kids Go Alone?

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