Getting a flat tire, running late to pick the kids up from school, rescheduling a missed flight while at the airport…We’ve all used our mobile phones to get us out of jam. When has your mobile phone helped save the day?

I think I’m unusual, in that I’m a forty year old woman who has had a cell phone for the past twenty two years. 

I love that short quick connections are so easy. I want to tell you that I’m always on time, never over-scheduled and forever organized, but that would be a lie. My friends and I are constantly calling one another with a, “can you pick up my kids?” or a, “if you’re at the grocery store would you mind…”

My home phone has gotten lonely. I’m never home anymore, heck I’m typing this from the school office.

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  1. every day. Every day it does something for me. Reroute traffic when my GPS is slow, voice dials the kids school when I need to alert them of a change in pick up plans and the requisite thrice a day butt dialing of my babysitter.

  2. Well not yesterday, that’s for sure (as told in my latest post on my blog) it turned against me BiG time yesterday, lol.

    But overall my cell phone saves me daily with being able to be at the beach and do work. (once in a while, at least;))

  3. I love my cell phone. But I also hate it because I can’t use it in my house—no reception. Which means we have to have a land line….probably a good thing, actually. And to think when I was in college, the cell phone I had was “for emergencies only” and I barely used it. Not to mention that it was very large.

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