Backyard games, summer camp, trips to the pool… what’s your favorite childhood memory of summer?

Just one?

Is it just me, or does the word “summer” let you hear the waves crashing? I can sit here and smell the ocean, while I feel the hot sun, and taste the salt on my lips. I loved living on the beach, and particularly knowing that sunbathing was an activity.

Laying in the sun was considered doing something. Amazing.

And artichokes, eating artichokes in the back yard, while butter dripped down our hands.

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  1. Summers in Ohio:

    -the sounds of my neighborhood early in the morning – people cutting grass, kids riding bikes, dogs barking, birds chirping
    -cool grass under my bare feet in the morning
    -warm summer nights
    -band camp

  2. Summers in Massachusetts:
    Swimming in the pool all day, having handstand and backflip contests and playing Marco Polo (we always cheated).
    Stopping at the farm to buy corn-on-the-cob.
    Lobster rolls with hand-cut french fries at the beach.
    Del’s frozen lemonade.
    Reading piles of books.

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