Book Club?

Does anyone have any interest in a book club? Currently I’m reading Franny and Zooey, I read it about 25 years ago, and I loved it as a teen, but as an adult it’s a delicious read.

Would you be interested in joinging me in reading a new book each month? And by new, what I mean is new to you. I’m all about books that can be checked out of the library.

Let me know, leave me some comments, even if it’s a shut up and go back to your weirdly suburban lifestyle of book clubs and wine. (Yeah, I totally threw wine into the mix just to make you smile)

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  1. I would love it. I’ve been wanting to start a local book club of my own. I’m curious to the logistics of hosting/having a book club with members all over the country.

  2. I’m all in. Franny & Zooey is one of my all time favorites (named my dog Zooey, in fact). But I think Raise High the Roofbeam Carpenters is even better.

  3. I want to be in this club because if I’m not I know it will turn into a movie and I’ll be so pissed.

    Seriously, I’m in.

  4. I’ll play. I haven’t read that in close to 20 years. (It may have been Robin’s copy.)

  5. I’m in as long as you don’t choose books that make me work. I fully admit, it’s summer and I’m lazy. War & Peace, Anna Karenina and the like just don’t sound like fun right now. I’ve never read Franny & Zooey!

  6. I’m in, especially if the books are available on Kindle because as much as I love free from the library my laziness wins!

  7. I would do it! A friend and I tried to get into our neighborhood book club. Long story short: those mean old ladies would not let us join. We are going to start our own, but in the meantime my needs are not being met.

  8. Catrina

    I’m in! I think it would be lots of fun!! Never read Franny & Zooey. Going to look it up now! :)

  9. I would…except that the only books I really enjoy noone else does.

    So…I would just annoy people.

  10. Jill

    I’m in.
    I love to read. I was in a book group a few years ago and had to let it go because my favorite people in the group moved away and no amount of wine could make me sit with the others and discuss anything. We read “The Lovely Bones” and one woman said it didn’t affect her at all. I asked if her blood was made of ice water. Is that bad?

  11. Melissa

    I’m in… especially because you mentioned wine.. just kidding. I’ve never been part of a book club before… and I’ve actually been reading some really good ones lately, though a page at a time because of the 2 year old. Can’t wait!

  12. Megz

    Totally in for the virtual one.. can’t do local.. based too far away from you people….

  13. Allyson/HBMomof2

    I would be in too, but would need to know that I don’t have to read every book and what the logistics would be. ie. regular “meetings”, only on the computer?, etc. I have a book nut in our book club that is annoyed when someone doesn’t read the book and just comes for the wine. So, bottom line, I am in for books AND wine and sometimes just wine.

  14. Janie

    Yes, I would love a book club! Can you throw in some wine recommendations for each book? I am a completely new wine drinker and well I need some help…so many bottles…

  15. Okay, it looks like we will have a book club. Tomorrow I’ll pick the first book, with a wine pairing. We’ll give it a month and talk about it then. Maybe I’ll even do a webchat to accompany?

    Can I just say, that I’m really excited about this.

  16. i read franny and zooey YEARS ago!! i have to go find my copy and reread!!

  17. Because I am a total book whore I am totally in. I am always looking for someone to suggest a book for me to read that I can then discuss with them without them rolling their eyes or falling asleep on me.

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