I’m A Better Mother Than She Is

I just am.

It’s not often that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m better at this parenting gig than another woman.

Usually I hope I’m doing okay, more often I fear I am not. But today? Today looking at this video I know I’m a better mother than she is.

Watch this, and please don’t blame me if you can’t un-see it.

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  1. Yeah, I am NOT happy at watching that. I am on my iPhone, so I didn’t see any of the videos comments. Are we sure that she is their mother?Or maybe I missed something at the beginning? Help me out here. I really do not want to believe that woman is their mother. Sad. I am so horrified. Nauseated, too.

  2. That’s disturbing. Not only is it visually violating me, to see those little kids throwing paper money at her like she is a stripper is equally disturbing. That means they know about that whole stripper/dollar bill situation. Whoever picked out her clothes for her ought to be stabbed in the throat.

  3. Good grief. It was very disturbing, and then the whipped cream pushed me over the edge into total disbelief.

    Why was she making this video?

  4. Some things don’t bother me. I’m liberal at times. BUT that was not disturbing that was down right NASTY. Seriously I threw up in my mouth several times and I’m sure that it looked better than that.

  5. I think we’ve all learned an important lesson here: When your belly is so big and your pants so tight, it is difficult for your small child to stuff pretend paper money in said pants. Let that be a lesson to us all.

    By the way, I could only watch half of this video before I had to go hug my kids and cry a little because I am not that woman. Whenever I am feeling like I’m screwing up as a mom, I think I’ll just think of stripper mom. I won’t watch the video again because it is burned into my retinas, however.

  6. That is one of the nastiest things I have ever seen. When I play stripper/hooker and trick with my kid I’m usually the trick, not the ho. (totally kidding, obviously)

  7. Uh! I’m lost for words. This video has caused unrepairable damage mentally and physically. WTF was going through that woman’s mind?!?

  8. I don’t think it is helpful or appropriate to make fun of the mother’s weight, looks or choice of clothing (which Jessica didn’t do, but several commenters did). While I don’t find it visually appealing, I also don’t think it is my place to pass judgment or comment on it.

    That said, pretending to be a stripper in front of your kids and teaching them how to stuff dollar bills down your pants is awful and inappropriate. Men degrading women (and women degrading themselves) is a fact of life, but it is one that we should be trying, as mothers, to abolish and not to encourage in our children.

  9. Ummm… first I need to go poke my eyes out with a rusty knife. Second, WTF?! I try so hard to not judge other people but this just SCREAMS out for judgment!! It’s not the choice of her clothing being inappropriate for her size (and I can say this because I am heavy and would NOT wear something like that) or the tattoos on her face. It’s the visual of her young son trying to put fake money in her pants that I will never, ever get over. It’s just wrong on so many levels. Seriously.

  10. I desperately hope that this is not real! That being said, it was pretty funny that the little boy couldn’t fit the “bills” in her pants so he kept trying to get them in her belly button.

    I’m going to hug my kids very tight when I get home from work tonight!

  11. Shocked, then curious, then dismayed, then disgusted, then saddened, then relieved that I am not her and that my kids have me.

  12. So wrong on so many levels… Does anyone else think that it is funny that the little kid kept shoving the fake money in her gaping belly button? LOL!

  13. Whether she is the mother, the babysitter or the Ho next door…OMG! No one should be gyrating to a TODDLER..with what was that baby oil? and whipped cream. WTH?! Do some people really need a list of what NOT to teach your children?

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