Every moment of July has been busy. Alexander’s birthday means I’m baking cakes, organizing dinners, parties, shopping and quelling the occasional meltdown. It’s all too much for him, it’s all too much for me. The birthday was fun. Alexander woke up early and didn’t let us know. Mr. G. has returned from a business trip

A BlogHer Survival Guide

It’s that time of year. The time of year when a few thousand women pack up, some say goodbye to their families, some just get a pet sitter or wave at a roommate, and they start the Pilgrimage to The BlogHer Conference. Twitter and Facebook are populated with “What will I wear/do/say/go to…” and many

Munchausen By Twinkies

Today there are parallel stories as it relates to our increasingly dysfunctional relationship with food. As our food looks less and less like plants and animals (as it should) our waistlines continue to expand, and Britain’s fattest lady died recently at the tender age of 40. Sharon Mevsimler was a 45 stone mother. 45 stones