Invisible Fences and Bloggers


My friend Lolita has a dog that’s a bit of a problem. And when I say “a bit” I mean she’s jumped through a plate glass window. Twice. Gidget (the dog) is no ordinary mutt. She’s a stunning red goldendoodle with blue eyes and silky hair. She’s pretty, but she’s dumb. Michelle Lamar likes to call her a cheerleader.

Unfortunately Gidget has been jumping over an eight foot fence, and traffic is not slow in the neighborhood Lolita and I live in. Lolita made the decision to get an electric fence to keep Gidget in the yard and safe from cars.

Enter Jim Lin and his Newcastle. Jim has a drink and decides to wear the dog collar.

You watch.

Maybe there’s a better way to train the dog?

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13 responses to “Invisible Fences and Bloggers”

  1. Totally awesome. Seems like a great way to train the dog.

  2. Alexandra, The Beverly Hills Mom says:

    MAYbe a bit much for a dog, but not for a husband ;)

  3. BusyDad says:

    Bwahahaha! you scooped me on my own video. Writing my “Stupid Blogger Tricks” post now!

    This video is proof that I rock.

    • Lolita says:

      I’m still dying over here. I’ve seriously watched it at least 50 times. So glad I have you to keep me entertained. Who needs a husband when you have a friend that’s willing to cook dinner and hurt himself for the amusement of others?

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  5. You know what Gidget’s thinking right now? “Who’s the cheerleader? That’s right, people–NOT ME!”

    Now excuse me while I go back and watch that again. And again.

    Jim, I adore you more now than ever before.

  6. Seriously hilarious! Somehow, the beer makes it even more comical.

  7. Cathy says:

    You called the dog the dumb one? OMG, this is hysterical!

  8. I’m dying…seriously…I might have to post this on my Facebook. My cop friends would enjoy it immensely.

  9. It seems like the perfect tool to train any number of beings. Dogs, husbands, marketers…

  10. Mrs Pop says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahaha! Love it!

  11. cebuimage says:

    Well, a number of dogs have already been hit by those passing vehicles and I am also using a pet containment for my dogs because leaving them around the vicinity without the fence does not ensure 100% safety while with any invincible services it prevents your dog from any dangerous instances.

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